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Thomas, Solicitor
Category: UK Immigration Law
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Hi , Am planning to apply for academic visitor uk visa. My

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Hi ,
Am planning to apply for academic visitor uk visa.
My question how to answer the question in part 8 of the application form safely
The question is written as follow:
What u will do in the uk?
Research. Teaching. Clinical practice. Formal exchange. Other
The first 4 are not applicable as am not an eminent senior doctor

I need your advice on the other's box ; what detail I should put in there as a model answer that would help me to earn this type of visa

Here is part of my accept. Letter, to help you advice me
She will be involved in the academic activities of Unit (attached), She will be able to attend new
patients and follow up neuromuscular clinics and combined specialist clinics as part of her academic
duties. She will also be able to attend the combined neuroradiology meetings, combined muscle
pathology sessions, and muscle imaging sessions.

We anticipate Dr Alshaikh to be present as other members of the team an average of 37.5 hours per

During the period she is with our Unit, Dr Alshaikh will be issued with an academic honorary contract
with the Institute of Child Health at University College London. She will also be issued with an
honorary clinical contract with the Gt Ormond Street Hospital NHS Trust in order for her to fully
participate in the academic clinical activities and will at all times be supervised by one of the three
Paediatric Neurology Consultants within our Unit.

The various forms of visitors visa applications are contained

Just for clarification can you please tell me which one you are find question

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Academic visitor visa VAF1E

I will answer at 930


Thanks for your patience.

The main concern with completing any immigration application for UKBA is to ensure that there is no form of error which could be construed as a potential deception.

There is no model answer as such, it depends more on substantiating that you are doing what can be verified by the institution where you are doing it.

If the first four of the options are not applicable then it will clearly have to be “other” I would explain in the covering letter that you shall carry out only those activities that are actually referred to in the acceptance letter.

The acceptance letter seems to quite clearly define some of the tasks that you will be carrying out under the visa and so the best policy would be to corroborate and confirm these in the form or, if there is not enough space on the form itself, to confirm these in a covering letter enclosing your application to ensure that you adequately bring these to the attention of the case worker considering the application.

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Kind regards,


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Am applying for academic visitor visa for 12 months and also for my husband as a general visitor accompany academic visitor for 12 months
The question : is it ok if I wrote not yet booked for accomodation and travel details
Is that a potential cause to refuse my visa

I will answer at 9am

Not having actually booked flights and accomodation is not a reason to refuse a visa in and of itself. The UKBA do actually recommend NOT booking flights for visitor's visas applicaiton so that you don't lose money.

However, it is essential that you show that you do have sufficient money to pay for flights/travel/accomodation during the visit. You shoudl therefore show the money that you have available and also evidence that there is accomodation in the area where you will visit that you will be able to afford.

Kind regards,

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I have been granted uk academic visitor visa and my husband granted visit visa, but I do not want to go as it says no work . How I can cancel it now in order to apply for another type of worker visa

What type of work visa do you propose to obtain?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Tier 5 temporary worker ( government exchange)

Thank you

You should write to the UKBA department who have dealt with your application and inform them that you have decide not to travel on the visas that you have been granted because you will apply for another visa.

You should ask them to cancel your current visas and apologiuse for the inconvenience.

Send the letter by registered post and keep proof of posting so you can produce this at a later date.