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Hi, I am a UK citizen, born and bred. My wife is Thai here

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I am a UK citizen, born and bred. My wife is Thai here on a marriage visa. My question is we have a nephew who is half Thai and half Swiss. He has a Swiss and Thai passport but lives in Thailand with no contact with the father. My sister in law wants us to take care of my nephew which we want to, so can my nephew come to live with us in the UK on his Swiss passport and go to school etc like normal. If so do we have to register him any where or is there anything we need to do?
Your help is gratefully received, Dean.
A holder of a Swiss passport can enter the UK so there is no issue with entry.

You should have evidence of the mother having sole custody OR agreement from the father for the child to leave his current location. The mother should also provide a letter confirming that the child will be living with you and your wife, the family relationship and also the birth certificate should be available to confirm the identity of parents. You might also like to demonstrate that you have somewhere for the child to live, including a report showing the number of rooms available, and demonstrate your income and available funds to support the child.

All of this is related to a minor entering the UK rather than a visa requirement and is intended to cover you for any eventuality when entering the UK.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Okay thank you. So do I need to register him ant where or declare that he is in the UK or that we are taking care of him? If so where and how. Just thinking about schools and medical situations.

Many thanks, Dean

The items mentioned should be available when he comes to the UK to show passport control if his entry is questioned by them.

Schools will often require that the child is in the UK before they will register the child.
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