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UK Spouse settlement visa

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Hi,  I have couple of queries regarding applying UK Settlement visa for my Wife. To give a brief background, I have received my British Citizenship last year and in the same year I got married from India. I had applied for my wife's visa immediately after marriage in Feb 2013 and unfortunately it was rejected on the grounds I did not provide enough documents to prove i meet financial requirements. The reason given was I had given only 3 months bank statements instead of 6 months and did not provide letter from employer. I currently work with a reputed organisation and get almost 43k per annum. I would like to reapply for her visa and would be thankful if you can help me in the process. Unfortunately I had gone overdraft one month in my bank balance, and also had taken a new loan of 5K to cover my honeymoon trip to Maldives, so i am not sure if need to maintain a minimum balance of 1000£s for 6 months. I would like to know if i need to maintain a minimum balance for 6 months and will this use of overdraft cause any issue. Also do i need to wait for some time before reapplying the visa. She is currently in India. She used to work for a reputed mutinational company and have Masters Degree.Will you be able to help in this case as we need to apply her visa from India? Many Thanks Dinesh

Hi Finish,

Thanks for your question.

I would wait until you can submit 6 months of bank statements cheering which you did not go into your overdraft before applying. If you applied by going into overdraft in the united kingdom border agency maid reject the application on the basis that you have not been able to maintain funds to a positive amount.

An overdraft is something which can be withdrawn by your bank and therefore you could find yourself short of funds which is something for united kingdom border agency would be concerned about.

There is nothing about the rejection of your previous visa which prevents you from applying immediately for a nother visa provided that you meet me a eligibility criteria.

There is no set definitive amount for the amount of money you should have in your account as to maintenance. However you obviously have to show your income about the salary threshold and there is still the additional criteria for you should be able to support and accommodate yourselves without recourse to public funds. This means that you should have sufficient money in your account to cover the cost of any periodic unforeseen expenses of accommodating and supporting yourself.

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Kind regards


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