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My wife and I are making an application for general visitor

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My wife and I are making an application for general visitor visa and would like some help. My wife previously applied for a student visitor visa and was rejected on the grounds that she didn't provide my (husband's) details of work.

My wife and I are travelling on 2 different dates to the UK. In the question " Is your spouse travelling with you ?" Should I answer yes or no ?

My wife is 100% supported by me. She and I have a joint account and she has equal access to the account as I do. How do I answer the following questions ?

Do you receive money from any other sources ?
What money is available to you for your trip ?
If someone else is paying for your trip how much money will they give you ?
What is the cost to you personally for your trip to the UK ?

Can I consider 50% of the balance in the joint account as my wife's ?

Thank you
All questions should obviously be honestly answered, although some questions are not as clear as they might be.

Is there a reason for you both travelling on different dates and are those dates quite far apart?

The question regarding your wife travelling with you means on the same date and so I would be inclined to say no. You have a section at the end of the online application where you can include any other information that you feel is important and this is a great place to outline the plans for the trip and any other information that you feel may be beneficial to the application or may help the caseworker to clearly understand the situation.

For your wife's application, she should state half the funds shown in the account as being hers for the trip and answer other questions about available funds on that basis. She will effectively be paying for the trip from her funds in the joint account. If flights and other costs are being paid by you then there is nothing wrong with stating this and you can include a letter to support the application (perhaps stating that she will be joining you at a later date) and to confirm that you support her financially.

However you answer the questions, it is important to remember that these are individual applications, despite some evidence and funds being shared, and you will each get a visa on which you could travel independently.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your reply. I want to answer them truthfully for sure but as you said some answers can trip you up and when the consequence of a misunderstood answer is a rejected visa the stakes are considerably high. With no appeal allowed, you are pretty much up a dead end.


The reason we are travelling separately is because we are attending a wedding. My wife is helping the bride and I am going there just in time (I cannot take too much time off work).


Could I just simply state that I will pay all expenses for the trip and the cost to my wife is zero? This would simplify the process and not leave any ambiguity in answers. Maybe I could make a statement at the end saying I am ok for my wife to spend XX pounds from the account for the holiday. Would this work ?


A question on bank statements. I live in Romania and our bank statements are in Romanian. Should I have these translated into English or would a letter from the bank confirming the balance in English suffice ? If bank statements are needed how many months should I show 3 months ?

What nationality do you and your wife hold?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

We are both Sri Lankans living in Romania. I have a residence permit based on work and my wife has a residence permit based on family reunion.

Ok. You should ensure that all evidence is in English. If it is not in English then it should be translated. From the Home Office website:


-- start quote --

If you send us a document that is not in English or Welsh, it must be accompanied by a full translation that can be independently verified by us. Each translated document must contain:

- confirmation from the translator that it is an accurate translation of the original document;

-the date of the translation;

- the translator's full name and signature; and

- the translator's contact details.

If you do not submit translations of all supporting documents, this may result in your application being delayed or refused.

-- end quote --

I would ensure that you have something from your employer to confirm the holiday time that you have booked and you could also include the wedding invitation. Make clear on the application that your wife will be going first to help the bride with preparations. Showing that your wife does not work and that you are fully financially supporting the trip will be the simplest way to proceed - just make sure that both applications have the full evidence available, marriage certificate included, and a letter of support should be included from you in your wife's application.

Make sure that you use the last section in the online application where it allows you to provide further information.

Remember, all evidence in English, evidence the reason for the trip and evidence that you will be leaving the UK to return to work. Your wife being shown to be financially dependant on you will also help matters as it means she is likely to return with you and also confirm the intended return date and that you both intend to return together.

I would not limit what your wife can spend from your joint account - the caseworker would consider that your wife has equal access and you should not say anything other than this.

Bank statements for the most recent 3-month period would be sufficient.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sorry more questions I am afraid.


My wife is not returning with me, her travel dates are 14th July - 04 August while I am only there from 19 July - 23 July.


I will make a declaration that I will fully support her financially while she is in the UK. I hope this will suffice.


My wife is also travelling with our 1 year old. I have already drafted a no objection letter for her to travel with my wife.My question is should I file a separate application for my 1 year old ?


Airline ticket. I am thinking I don't want to buy the ticket until we get our visas because the price difference between refundable and non refundable tickets is significant.

I think I am done with the questions. You have been very helpful!





No problem - you can ask as many questions as you need to get your question answered.

It is important that you make the itinerary clear in the application, given that your wife's trip will be for a longer period than yours. Make sure you outline why you are staying a shorter period - work is a perfectly good reason and presumably your wife has stronger ties to the bride and of course no pressing work requirement for her to rush back to Romania. You should make clear the reason for her going sooner and coming back later and also make clear the financial support that is available to her.

The fact that you have mentioned a letter of no objection shows me that you have already made some effort to establish what you should be doing and so I think you will also ensure that documents are in the correct format, clearly original and with no silly mistakes made.

Online applications should be completed for all applicants. You can also book the appointment online in Romania. Make sure that at least your wife's name is XXXXX XXXXX the adult that the child will be travelling with as the adult's name will be on the child's visa.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for the reply. How do you advise I handle the issue of airline tickets ? Should I wait for the visa or just buy the tickets and chance it? Last time I did this I ended up GBP. 250 down :(

I would never purchase tickets or book anything until I had the visa and it is not a requirement of the application - only that you can afford the trip. If you want to show evidence of likely costs of flights and accommodation to show that you are aware of the cost then you can do so.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

  1. I am putting the final documents together and I noticed that there is only 1 invitation letter from my uncle and aunt in the UK. I assume a colour copy would also be acceptable for the other applications ?

  2. Where should I write the details of why I am staying for a shorter period than my wife, why my wife is travelling earlier etc ?

  3. What about the fact that I am aware of flight prices etc and I prefer to buy my ticket after I get my visa ?

  4. What is the purpose of the question where you are supposed to list people you know in the UK ? I don't want to list everyone as to get their details is a hassle, I want to just list 2 or so. Is this acceptable?

  5. In the above question, there is a relationship question. I presume I put "Other" when they are friends ?


I will probably have more questions before the night is done and the application is submitted.

You might want to refer to the original being with your application (or your wife's application, whichever you choose to include the original with). That should be acceptable, although ideally you would have originals. I would be inclined to get a certified copy and include certified copies instead of photocopies - that is the safest way to proceed.

With regard to what you should write for the reasons for you taking a shorter trip, simply be honest. You can state that the bride is your wife's friend and she is helping with preparations, etc, and she has the time available to spend with her friend, whereas you can only get a short amount of time away from work. Your honest explanation of the situation should be accepted as it is logically understandable and entirely reasonable.

With regard to flight costs, etc, you could put that in a covering letter and it can be added to the other information at the end of the application.

Are you completing the online application at Make sure you do this and you do not use a paper application form.

With regard to people you know in the UK, you clearly do not need to list everyone (it is not actually a question I recognise). Other would be acceptable if that is the only suitable option, but make sure you have read the question correctly and you are filling in the online application only.

Could you also remember to rate the service you have received? This not only helps me but it also helps other users by letting them know what level of service they can expect to receive. I will still be happy to answer further questions if you have any.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

How should I answer each of these questions ? This is for my wife.


How much of your monthly income is used to support your family member's and other dependents?



How much do you spend each month on living costs?



How much money is available for your visit?

upto XXX GBP (Bank Balance)


Who will pay for your travel to the United Kingdom?



Who will pay for your expenses such as accommodation and food?

Staying with husband's uncle and wife


If someone other than yourself is paying for all or any part of this visit, how much money will they give you?

I have access to the total savings of GBP.XXXX if required.


What is the cost to you personally of your stay in the United Kingdom?



Is this correct ?

All answers you have given are acceptable.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

If I rate you right now then can I still ask questions ? It seems the thread ends when I rate you. Am I mistaken ?

I was under the impression that you could rate and still ask questions, although I have only answered questions and not asked any of course! I

f you prefer you can keep asking questions before rating - I don't mind if you wish to err on the side of caution and rate at the end..
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

When answering this question " Do you have friends or family in the UK ?" what should the answer be for my 1 year old daughter ? Yes and add the same family members from my wife's application or no ?


131 questions in the UK short visit visa ... amazing !

The online applications are rather cumbersome and repetitive.

Yes, she has family there so they should be listed.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I am wondering what evidence I should attach to my 1 year old daughters application. Currently I am attaching the following :

  1. Birth Certificate and translation

  2. Father's Passport

  3. Mothers Passport

  4. Fathers Residence Permit

  5. Mothers Residence Permit

  6. Daughters Residence Permit

  7. Invitation letter and supporting evidence of the invitee

  8. Declaration that father doesnt object to daughter travelling with mother

  9. Undertaking to meet expenses of daughter while in the UK


Should I attach the same financials again or is attaching them to my wifes application enough ?

If you have the statements available then it doesn't hurt to include them and assuming everything is in English then the items mentioned are exactly correct.
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