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Intra Company transfer visa or business visitor visa A company

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Intra Company transfer visa or business visitor visa

A company recruits health care worker in Moscow wants to bring some health care workers for 6 months to the UK.
This company is opening a UK branch in July.
1) Can this company bring these health care workers under Intra company transfer visa route to their UK branch?
2) If so, what are the main requirements for this visa category?
3) Does the UK branch need to sponsor these employees?
4) Does the salary to be paid to these health care workers have at appropriate rate with UK minimum wage, i.e. at rate what health care workers should be paid in the UK, or the rate can be at Russian minimum wage?
5) Can these health care workers can come for 6 months to the UK under the Business Visitor Visa?
6) If so what are the main requirement for the Business Visitor Visa
7) Is there any other possible visa category to bring these health care workers for 6 months to the UK?

Thank you very much in advance.
What exact work would the people be doing? Exact job titles?

1. The UK branch will need to Register as a Sponsor with the Home Office and registration must be for the ICT route and (usually) will also request the General route.

2. The requirements will depend on the exact role.

3. Yes, the UK branch will have to sponsor.

4. The salary needs to be at the rate expected in the UK. This will not be less than £20,000 per annum and will usually be higher. The Home Office have Codes of Practice that will give a guide to the expected salary for each role and only roles considered to be at least NQF Level 6 can be sponsored:

5. A business visit visa would not be suitable for employment in the UK.

6. See 5 above.

7. Options very much depend on the exact nature of the role and the salary but sponsorship would be the usual way to proceed.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

What exact work would the people be doing? Exact job titles?

The majority of the group of people will be coming are new graduates from medical college.

Title of the jobs will be medical trainee, nurse etc.

1) Could they come to the UK for 6 months period under any other category apart from the intra company transfer?

2) Could they come as a clinical attachment people?


Thank you

1. There is a Graduate Trainee route with Tier 2 ICT that is for up to 6 months but you should be clear that the purpose of this route is to receive structured training (graduate trainee program) leading to a managerial or specialist role in the organisation. This is not a long term solution. A minimum salary of the higher of either £24,300 OR the appropriate salary for the role should be paid. Up to 40% of this can be in allowances for accommodation. All other ICT visas would require the applicant to have worked for the non-UK Company for at least 12 months.

Documents that you should refer to (as you have mentioned different types of occupations):

Codes of Practice (lists occupations - only those at NQF Level 6 can be sponsored):

Shortage Occupations (roles that are in high demand and therefore easier to sponsor):

2. The Clinical Attachment route has been closed.

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