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Met a girl in Russia who wants to come and stay with me in

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Met a girl in Russia who wants to come and stay with me in UK for a holiday. Sent her £400 she needed for visa and tickets. Tickets allow her to come whenever she wants. No fixed date. She has just received visa and tickets. Now she wants me to send her more money. She says embassy worker has told her she needs this for the period of flight the sum of £1950. She says embassy worker has told her that it is the so called sum of a living wage of UK for the term of action of her visa. Embassy worker told her that this is the condition because many citizens of Russia and other countries have no means for existence and start to search for work or be engaged to beg, therefore this is accepted law according to all citizens of all countries should have to have for proof of their solvency. Embassy worker said the money is to check at Russian customs house. She says she needs to show this £1950 to Russian customs house and she will give money back to me when she meets me at airport in UK. Can you please tell me if she really does need £1950 to show at Russian customs house so she can come over here?
If this £1,950 amount was a requirement then it would be required before issuing a visa. It is not a requirement at all.

These are all the requirements for a visa.

Sorry to have to tell you this but thank goodness you checked first before losing money to this person.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for you prompt service. I have paid the fee of £61 however I was directed to a membership site where i was asked to check a box to confirm 7 day free trial and monthly Payment of £71. I believed this to be the original fee can you confirm that the only payment taken from me will be £61 as do not wish to enter into an agreement with you for a monthly subscription and wish to cancel it forthwith. Your answer was ok but I was looking for some legal confirmation and reference of where this information can be found, and do not think it adds up to a £61 answer.



Hi William,

I do not believe you should have to pay a subscription but I will get someone to advise you directly.

With regard to your question, it is simply not possible to link to legal confirmation of what the rules are not - it is only possible to confirm what the rules are and the link I provided did so. I can tell you that there is no requirement such as the one outlined to you and this type of thing is not at all uncommon.
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