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Ive found out a bit more about my Dads history and wonder

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I've found out a bit more about my Dad's history and wonder if it would still be possible for me to have dual citizenship.

My American grandfather was in the army and stationed in the Great Britain when he met my grandmother who was British. While still in England, my father was born. When my father was 5, they moved with my grandmother back to the US (Memphis, TN). My father says he was not a British Citizen (he says it was something like, he was an American born abroad, but I thought if you were born there you were automatically a citizen - my father's very PRO-AMERICA, so he could just be in denial).

I have a copy of my father's birth certificate which shows he was born in England and that his Mother lived in England. My birth certificate also shows my Father as being born in England.

I'd really like to have dual citizenship because I love London and would love to live and work there.

What is your date of birth please?

Were you born in America?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.



And yes, I was born in the US.


I will be able to answer in an hour's time. I'm on my way to work now I'm afraid.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Wow. This was really important to me. Didn't realize I'd have to stare at the computer waiting for a non-answer.

Excuse me, we experts are all working solicitors. When you post a question at a time of day outside UK working hours there is a reasonable prospect that it will be answered according to our working hours because we are human beings who have to get kids up, travel to work etc etc..

I can opt out if you like so that the question will be free for others to answer, but it may take longer.

My post was an info request, not an answer. You will know when I have answered because it will say "Answer".

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sorry that the kids have to be in the way, but I thought I was paying you for this. I have kids too, so I understand, Just need an answer to a simple question.




Thanks for your patience.

You posted your question at 04.49am British time so all UK experts would have been asleep at that time, so a wait was reasonably foreseeable I should think

If your father was born in the UK before 1983 then he will automatically be a UK citizen. Before 1983 anyone born in the UK automatically received UK citizenship unless they were a born to a diplomat on a diplomatic mission with diplomatic immunity. This would not apply to your father’s parents, therefore he would be entitled to UK citizenship otherwise than by descent.

UK citizenship can pass by descent by only one generation. As your father was “British otherwise than by descent” his citizenship may pass one generation to such of his own children that are born outside the UK. Therefore, you are automatically entitled to “UK citizenship by descent”.

This means that you will have UK citizenship in the same way that others have with all the associated rights except that you would not be able to pass your citizenship on to such of your own children that are born outside the UK.

Therefore, you can apply for a UK passport in the normal way provided that you can prove the facts surrounding your birth (ie. your father’s birth).

If in the US you can apply for a passport by clicking “start” and following the guidance on the following link:-

Good luck.

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Kind regards,

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

So, to get dual citizenship what do I have to do (other than get a passport) - like if I wanted to move their with my spouse - do I need to fill out a citizenship application or something for her to live and work there with me? Thanks!


Again, I will be able to answer at 9/am


Technically speaking you are already a UK citizen by descent, which is to say that you are already a UK citizen. However, a UK passport is proof of that.

Because you are a citizen automatically you do not need to apply to be registered as a UK citizen, you can skip to applying for the passport straight away.

Just apply for a passport.

Once you have this if you wish to come to the UK to settle permanently then you would have to apply for a spouse visa. If you wish for further detailed information on whether and how you can do this please submit a further question to the board requesting me either by my profile or by marking your question. “FAO Tom”.

Kind regards,