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Hi, I was born in 1955 in Aden Colony. I have a birth certificate

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I was born in 1955 in Aden Colony. I have a birth certificate of the British Colony of Aden as well.

I was issued a British (colonial) passport that's now expired. Afterwards, I received a Yemeni passport but I managed to keep my old British passport (now expired) as well with me.

I have made several attempts to renew it via the British embassy in Aden but failed.

Later, I moved to the UAE where I tried again to renew my passport, but failed there as well.

All of my siblings, and parents are British passport holders as well (but expired, same situation).

Am I eligible to apply/reestablish my citizenship?

Or am I at least eligible to renew my British passport?

If yes..where do I start from and what do I need to have (as paperwork and documents).

Thank you for your question.Can you let me know, when did you acquire Yemeni citizenship? When did your British passport expire?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
My British passport expired on the 14 JUN 1972, and I was issued a Yemeni citizenship almost immediately (or may be by next year) the earliest Yemeni passport that I had dates back to some time in 1977.

Note: I also never signed any declaration to give up my British citizenship. Instead, we were asked to deliver our British passports in exchange for the Yemeni citizenship but we managed to keep it and didn't give it to the Yemeni authorities.
Thanks - If you were resident in Yemen in 1968 shortly following independence then you will have lost your UK citizenship automatically and become a citizen of Yemen. That is what happens on independence. UK citizenship is automatically removed when the newly independent country grants citizenship.

That will be why I expect you have been refused a British Passport as you are no longer a citizen of the UK and colonies. Sorry but there it is.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Fine! Thanks for answering the question! But you haven't pointed out how can I regain the citizenship. They refused to renew my passport saying that passports as such can only be renewed from the UK itself.

Free information on the UK immigration website are more helpful than this.
the extract you quoted does not apply to you - you did not renounce citizenship it was removed by operation of law on independence and no you cannot simply register. The only way , if you lost your citizenship on independence, to obtain british citizen is to come the uk to live and obtain indefinite leave to remain and then apply. It takes 5 years and you would need to qualify for a visa to work here .

the fact that you once held British Citizenship before independence gives you no rights at all I am afraid.

If you had lived in the UK at the time of independence or either of your parents were born in the UK it might be different
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