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Hello, I am a Polish citizen and I would like to apply for

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Hello, I am a Polish citizen and I would like to apply for British passport. I have read "AN" form already and I know that there is a section that asks me for my tax office address. I am a student and as such I also can apply for British passport according to ukba after six years of legal stay in the UK (as it is the case with me). So in this case -> how am I supposed to answer section 3 - "good character" (page 9) of this "AN" form: it asks me to state whether I am an employee, business partner, self employed or director, but I AM A STUDENT, and there is no such option to choose from. Also I am being asked for my tax office address (if I am a student - what should I write here?). I am also being asked about my employer or business - but once again -> I AM A STUDENT, than what?
Really awaiting Your answer.

Do you work part time?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I used to work full time, but now I am a full time student and not employed. I have comprehensive sickness insurance though.


Right. Did you receive a p45 form when you finished employment?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.



Does that have your tax office on it?

Have you changed location since then?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

There is no tax office address on it. Also even if I find it - now I am a student and I do not have any tax office also what with my other subquestions. which option should I choos out of employee, self-employed, director ? I am a student and they don't have such option on this form..... ?

Hi Pawel,

Thanks for your reply.

If it is not listed on your p45 then you will have to give HMRC a call tomorrow on the folllowing number to see if they can confirm it for you:-

I appreciate that the forms can appear to ask confusing questions for EEA applicants. The great majority of people apply for naturalisation are non-eea national who require work visas here before applying.

If there is no option for student or EEA national then you will have to put "Please refer to covering letter" next to it. You shoudl then write a covering letter enclosing your application. Use the covering letter to explain why you have not ticked one of the options. Give a short history about your time in the UK stating when you arrived, when you worked and when you started your studies.

Similarly with the questions that ask about employment and business you should put "please refer to covering letter". On the covering letter you should state that because you are not working any more you have not selected anything. You should give details of the employment that you have had though, referring to when you started and when you finished and submitting payslips where you can.

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Kind regards,

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