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I am applying for the Youth Mobility Scheme work visa for the

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I am applying for the Youth Mobility Scheme work visa for the UK, and at the time of application I am single, but at the time of entry to the UK I will be married to a British citizen. There is no engaged option on the application, so I have to put single, but should I note in the 'other important information section' that my marital status will be changed when I enter the UK?

Have you actually submitted the application already?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No I haven't submitted the application yet. My fiancee and I will be moving back to Canada after two years in England, so we don't want the UK border to be suspicious that I wouldn't leave after my Youth Mobility visa expires because I'll will be married to a British Citizen, but we also want to be completely honest and we're worried that not telling them that I will be married when I enter the UK would be withholding important information.


I've read blogs of people who have done the Youth Mobility Scheme visa while being married to a British Citizen, but I haven't found anyone who has been engaged at the time of application and married at the time of entry.


Thanks for your patience.

You are absolutely correct that you should classify yourself as single if you do not actually live with your partner. If you refer to the guidance notes for the application form you will see that in order to be classified as an unmarried partner you must live with them, so if you do not then you should state that you are single.

However, as you are in a relationship with a UK national you should disclose it in the other important information section. Explain that you are in a relationship and that you plan to marry before you enter the UK. The difficulty is that the UKBA may then say that the most appropriate form of visa applicaton for you is a spouse visa, but to counter this you should explain that you do not intend to reside permanently in the UK when you enter on your youth mobility visa. You should have to submit a witness statement confirming that although you will be married it is far from certain that you would ultimately decide to settle permanently in the UK.

I have to be honest if you are to marry in the near future, I would think that a spouse visa application would be the most appropriate for you. The UKBA may take this view as well if they are believe that this is simply a route to settling in the UK by other means so you will have quite a job on convincing them that you should be given a spouse visa.

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Kind regards,

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks so much for your services. I have one more thing to ask.


We have looked at the spouse visa over the youth mobility scheme, but we just can't afford the spouse visa as the financial requirements are far beyond the finances we have as a newly married couple. In my opinion I don't see how very many newly weds could afford the spouse visa, it seems like a process more for people who are well into their married life and are more financially stable than most newly weds in their first year. And a spouse visa for just the two years seems to be not what the visa is meant for as it appears to us that the spouse visa is for those who are planning on settling in the UK. Even if our plans did change and we decided to settle, we would return to Canada for a period of time before settling in the UK.


In your opinion would the fact that we only want to spend two years in the UK, (we can get this witnessed) and that we simply can't afford the spouse visa be sound enough arguments for the youth mobility visa?


Its a question of intent. If you genuinely intend to return to canada before the expiry of the youth mobility visa then I can see how you would get some traction with the united kingdom border agency with this argument.

However, the argument that you cannot afford it would not get you anywhere. The united kingdom border agency would view the central tenet of this argument as being that you do still genuinely intend to reside permanently in the united kingdom and that your application for a youth mobility visa is simply an application for a spouse visa by stealth.

Please rate my answer.

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