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Category: UK Immigration Law
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Hi, I currently hold a UK Multiple visa. When I visited

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I currently hold a UK Multiple visa. When I visited UK last I liked the place and made plans to settle here with my family. My intention is to open a convenient store or perhaps take over a restaurant.

I would like to know whether I can switch to Tier1 visa being inside UK how can I settle there without having to loose the opportunity to travel to UK by cancelling my UK Business Visa

Need some expert advice.

Kind regards,

Are you on a multiple entry visitor's visa?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes I am on a multiple entry visitors visa (C Business Visitors) valid for 6 months and my other partner holds the same category however the validity is 5 years.


Note: Our family does not hold any UK Visa yet.


Awaiting your response.


Thanks for your patience.

You will not be allowed to switch category from your visitor’s visa to another form of visa (eg Tier 1). I wouldn’t even both booking a consultation to find this out.

All visitor’s visas, single or multiple, are granted on the condition that you will leave the country at the end of the visit. This is interpreted to mean also that you will not attempt to switch in to another form of visa category.

It is enforced very strictly. If you applied to the UKBA to switch by submitting the appropriate application form and fee then they would simply take the fee and then immediately reject your application.

If you wish to switch categories then you will have to return to your home country in order to submit the application from there.

However, there is nothing preventing you from seeing a solicitor whilst you are in the UK and getting them to prepare your out-of-country application so that you can take it with you when you leave the UK and submit it straightaway so as to limit the delay.

Sorry it could not be better news, but it’s better you having an honest appreciation of your position rather than losing the application fee as you inevitably woulld.

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Kind regards,

Thomas and other UK Immigration Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for your detailed reply. Switching part is pretty much clarified so that leaves us with no option but to apply for teir1 from the country of origin.

Now coming back to the settling part in the UK, to be honest I have sufficient funds to start up a restaurant however this requires close investigation and proper studying for a particular acquisition. So going back to my country Pakistan and applying is out of the question due to personal life threat issues that I currently have due to which I'm out of the country. Reason not to invest in the Middle East is because I have to involve a local sponsor which not a safe option hence wanted to settle in a country where my investment is mine without any shareholders.

If this is so complicated can I apply for asylum I have documents supporting my application my business transactions of the company I had closed down in Pakistan due to those threats.

Can I get an asylum or an ILR by visiting with my family on visit visa. I don't want to be illegal but need to remain not on refugee funds but my own.

What is the best way....????
I will answer at 9.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.



Its been a while since I have not received a reply.



What are the threats that you refer to?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.



I had my own business in Pakistan. i was very successful. Due to the current situation there when you are doing good you get noticed by the a certian groups. These particular groups demand extortion money by threatning the local businessman in the country (particularly in Karachi where I belong).


It is worth mentioning here that the so called "parchi system" is the most effective one for extorting money from shopkeepers and businessmen and I had been a victim of that. If you fail to provide such amount in the specefid time, they will kill you. They had demanded PkR 5million (approx USD50,000) for which I will not visit the country anymore.


I have sufficient documents + bank transactions of my company which will prove that I had to transfer my money in Bahrain. I have now formed my company there and my funds are safe but me and my family cannot travel to Pakistan until the situation gets any better which I honestly "DOUBT"


This is why I'm looking where I can settle down and start my own restaurant or perhaps continue the business that I am without having to visit to Pakistan even in the worst case scenario like in the middle east if your sponsor is upsets and demands more sponsor fees then you'd had it. Also looking at the current situation of the GCC states things are not very promising and i everything becomes worse comes to worse have to travel back to your country.


Hope that clarifies.




Those threats seem to be a criminal issue and not something that could form the basis of an asylum claim.

It would also not be regarded as a sufficient reason to make an in-country application, so you would have to return their to make the application.


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