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Thomas, Solicitor
Category: UK Immigration Law
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Hi , I have a Question, On the application form for Tier

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Hi ,

I have a Question, On the application form for Tier 1 Eunterpreneur Visa, There is a Section (G22, Page 35). Here it ask you for 1 or more documents to confirm your Business activity, and the list of documents accepted are as follows.

1.Advertising or marketing material
2.aritcle in a news paper
3. Information from trade fair.
4.Registration with a trade body.

I have registered limited company with HMRC, Now can i submit my company registration certificate for point no 4.

What does a Trade body exactely mean.

Please suggest.

What is your business please?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi ,


I am a Software professional, I do contract jobs under my registered company, I have been running my company since 15 months. I have also take the current appointment letter from the company house.


Is is there a professional association of software professional? Kind regards.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.



Thats actually a very good question, I am not really sure, But there should be some. I will have a look. So, Does that mean that HMRC is not a trades Body.


Dont mind my ignorance.





You need to find out.

If there is a professional association of software professionals or programmers then you should investigate how you can register with them and become a member. If there is and do you become a member then you will be able to produce evidence of your membership to answer the question papers

if there is no such association then instead you will have to look at complying with one of the other four options because h m r c is not a trade body. H m r c is a governmental bodies charged with regulation and collection of tax is due under the various pieces of tax legislation.

It is about showing that you are a legitimate business and the things they ask for are examples of things that a legitimate business would have in order to further the business and trade.

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Kind regards.

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