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Hi. I am looking to visit the UK on various business trips

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Hi. I am looking to visit the UK on various business trips and also potential tourist visits with my family in the future. I would like to apply for a long term visa to avoid the lengthy visa application process.
Business Trips: I work for an international logistics company as Account Director based in The Netherlands on a permanent contract. My trips to UK would involve business visits to a customer that I am responsible for aswell as my company offices. I would not be paid in UK for these services.
I am a South African national, married to a Dutch national, with 2 children who are Dutch nationals. I am currently residing in The Netherlands under a 5 year residence work permit. Can I apply as a EEA national based on my martial status? If not then do I apply for a long term business visa? Thank you in advance for your guidance

When will you be eligible to naturalise as a Dutch citizen?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

After 3 years of marriage. I married on 20th May 2011, so after 20th May 2013. I do now qualify to apply for Dutch citizenship on my own as I have lived in The Netherlands since 2003, however, I have opted to not do this and apply in 2013 using my martial status, as it impacts my current tax benefit (which will expire beginning 2013)


When would the trips be likely to occur? Before you are able to naturalise as a Dutch citizen?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi Tom

Yes. I have recently taken over responsibility of a customer based in Bristol from a colleague who is retiring, and need to get across asap to meet the customer (So within the next 3-4 weeks max). I will probably need to do a day trip once a month thereafter to build up the customer relationship. The family weekend trips would be from November onwards (if at all) as we have a very young baby.



Thanks for your patience.

Your residence card does not afford you EEA rights which you can exercise in other countries I’m afraid. For the purpose of applying the Immigration Rules in the UK you are still a SA citizen and are therefore required to apply for a visitor’s visa if travelling.

If these are business trips then I would think the form of visa that you would have to apply for is a Business Visitor’s Visa :-

You will see on the “How to Apply” pages that the form for applying is available. On that form you will see there is an option for how long you wish for the visa to be valid for at various yearly intervals. This is called a Multi Entry visa and allows you to enter for these purposes at any time during the length of the visa without applying again provided that you do not spend more then 6 months in any 12 month period in the UK.

Once you have naturalised and obtained a Dutch passports you will then have EEA treaty rights, so you would be able to come and go as you please.

I would say that the best way forward would be for you to instruct a UK based immigration solicitor to prepare and submit a 1 year multientry business visitor’s visa application. Once granted the 12 month period would cover up to the point at which your naturalisation application should have been successful and you can then travel using your EEA rights.

However, I would also check the processing times for Dutch naturalisation applications to confirm the likely length of time that it would take to process the application. If longer than the 12 month period for which the multi-entry visa would be granted for then I would consider instead applying for a 2 year visa.

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