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Awan-Legal, Solicitor
Category: UK Immigration Law
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I had applied for an entry clearance as a family visitor for

Resolved Question:

I had applied for an entry clearance as a family visitor for UK and I submitted documentations which include
• The financial state – include bank statement, papers of my own house and lands
• Employment information
• My pass port and travel history
• My family circumstances
• Documents of nationality
• Invitation from my relative ( son of aunts of my wife), his bank statement, his passport
So Why ? I get refusal
• I can cover all the expense of the trip – I submitted what support my financial condition.
• I never think about stay in UK at all and if they want any document to support that , ask me.
• I want to visit Uk as tourist beside I have invitation from my relative.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: UK Immigration Law
Expert:  Awan-Legal replied 5 years ago.

Awan-Legal : You say it was refused on intention to return. Was that the only reason for refusal?
Awan-Legal : Did you get a right of appeal?
Awan-Legal : If appealing or making a fresh application, highlight that you have family, a house and land to return to which you will not desert simply to stay in the uk. Explain you are coming for a short visit only and will return to your family after. If you have a job, include a letter to show you will return to that position. If you are married, include your marriage certificate and birth certificates for any children you may have.
Awan-Legal : The main issue would be to give a statement/letter from you stating the reasons why you will return and that this is a genuine visit. It will also help to get family/friend/ employer's letters to confirm that you will return to them.
Awan-Legal : You may include photos with your family also and explain that you are very well settled at home and will return to your family and home.

I prsented to them certificate frome my college I am professor and my salary and i am continue in my jobe this justified from foriener ministry also i submitt for them paper of my house , bank state, certificate for one daughter the last one and dependent one from her college - pharmacy. but i mention in my application the visite is family visite because i mention i have relative of my wife there who will accommadat us and as guaide for visiting important places and submitt application for my wife with me is this problem i dont know

Awan-Legal : It is not a problem but how is she related to your wife? Did they give you the right of appeal?
Awan-Legal : The evidence you submitted should be sufficient to prove your intention but the Embassy can be very harsh with their visit visa decisions so as above, include letters and statements explaining the above and the additional documents such as photos also.
Awan-Legal : If the relative is not your wife's sister, brother or parent then you would not have been given a right of appeal But can request an administrative review as below which means they may reconsider the decision:
Awan-Legal :
Awan-Legal : If that is not successful, then you can submit another fresh application.
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