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I entered UK ,with my mother in 1999,when was a child (about

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I entered UK ,with my mother in 1999,when was a child (about 12).At the time my mother was advised that I should be registered with her family name;so at the moment I have my mother's surname,besides that the people who registered my name put wrong date of birth for me.I have my birth certificate from my original country and just wonder if I can correct all these now?!If yes what would happen for the documents I hold at the moment including educational documents(I am in the middle my studying and wish to correct these and have my final graduation papers with my real family name and date of birth.Please tell me that it is possible.thanks

If you have proof of your correct date of birth, you may apply to the bodies concerned to change your records to reflect your correct date of birth. They may ask you for a statutory declaration attesting to your correct date of birth.

So, yes, it is possible to make the corrections now if the institutions concerned agree, otherwise you would need to go to court to force them to make the corrections if they refuse to do so.

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Thank you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
hi thanks for reply;
There are so many,I need a document to send to all of them and it is not just the birth date but surname aswell,it seems a mess to me.Can I correct these in the previous educational documents I got aswell?
Thank you.

Yes, you should send a letter to them all pointing out your correct details, enclosing proof of your correct surname and date of birth and asking them to update your records and send you revised documents. You may undertake to bear their costs.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Only one more question;Is there any legal service that I can ask and pay them to do this on my behaf?
There isn't one I am afraid, you may speak to a few local high street solicitors to see if they can assist.

All the best