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If a student applies for a student visa, how long does it typically

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If a student applies for a student visa, how long does it typically take to get visa approval? Any flags to avoid when applying? My daughter has 1 year of college completed in US and is accepted at at least 1 university in UK already (York). She is engaged to a UK citizen, who was denied access to the US because he answered honestly during a US embassy interview that he had a girlfriend in California. So that's why she wants to study there now. How does she avoid the same problem he had. They want to get married, but if they even admit a relationship, she'll be denied, right. Then how can they get married on a student visa after she's over there and in college? Don't they need a fiance visa to do that? And if they get a fiance visa, will she get her student visa revoked? They want to live here but don't know how to get around his visa denial, so they're planning on living there for some time. Are student visas extended to cover the whole 3 years? She's already in the UK on a regular passport. Does she need to leave the country to apply for her student visa?
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Regarding your daughter's student visa application this process usually takes between 6-12 weeks depending on how busy the British embassy where the applicant submitted the application. She should answer all the questions honestly, this would be the best way to avoid complications thereafter.

The fact that she is engaged would not necessarily lead to her application being refused, if she is a genuine student. The fact that she is engaged should not be an obstacle to her continuing her studies in the uk.

If her sole purpose to come to the UK is to marry then yes she should apply using the fiancee visa, however, because of the human rights act incorporates the fact that everyone has a right to marry in the UK, she would not have a problem if she did decide to marry while she was on her student visa.

If she does get her fiance visa then her student visa would be revoked.

Student visa usually are granted for the duration of the course which the applicant applied for, she will need to apply for the student visa from outside of the uk.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you for your help. If having a girlfriend here resulted in her boyfriend's denial (that is what they told him), how would the same result not take place with her application. He was enrolled in college, had his finances in order, had letter commending his families place community from a Parlimentary member (or someone in government), and a letter he wrote regarding his intention to return and why the US education would benefit him in the job he intended to pursue in the UK upon returning. They are VERY nervous about not being able to get student visa approval for her since he was denied twice.
Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately it does seem that he has been the subject of very harsh and strict adherence to the immigration rules by the US Immigration officers. It should be an individual's right to decide when he wants to be married, the fact that he was engaged should not automatically mean that he would not study in the usa.

I totally understand the nervousness about the application by your daughter, however, the uk immigration laws have developed to a stage where even if an individual is on a visitors visa he can enter into marriage, whether the ukba then grant that individual a spouse visa would then come to the genuineness of the marriage and the strength of the documents provided.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
My daughter submitted her UK tier 4 student visa application her F-9, not knowing that the UK Border Control already needed to receive the CAS. She requested a refund immediately. She is very concerned that this will prevent her from successfully getting her visa. Are there any other actions we can take to assure that the premature form does not prevent the process from going smoothly.

Thank you for your reply.


Can you please clarify the question:


Did your daughter apply for a Tier 4 visa?

What was the f-9 in relation to?


Kind regards

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Yes, in the email above, I stated that she applied for the Tier 4 Student Visa. However, she submitted this request before the sponsoring university (submitted the CAS. The F-9 is the form for submitting the Visa. She realized she omitted a necessary form, so she requested a refund. What happens now? She got the CAS from the university yesterday.


Thank you for your reply.


If she has omitted the CAS letter she should send a covering letter enclosing the CAS letter stating that it was omitted and ask them to consider this as part of the application, this should be done as soon as possible before an caseworker can make a decision on the application.


If she does not want to do this then I would suggest you wait and see if the application has not got to a stage where they are unable to grant a refund. I would suggest a letter explaining the mistake would be more sufficient.


I hope this answers your question if so kindly leave positive feedback so I can get credited for my time.

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