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British naturalization

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I'm going to apply for British naturalization soon.Briefly, I was self employed and owned limited company since 2006 until 20.09.2010 and my friend has taken over my limited company with a stock of my shop, he has also taken the all outstanding taxes on his name as a director. Frankly I wasn't able to make regular tax and National Insurance contributions payments on my account.However I've been on JSA Since 22.02.2011. My questions are as fallow, 1-Can I still apply for naturalization? 2-If not, do I need to clear all taxes which are due? 3-If I don't clear it up and apply for naturalization, is it definite that home office will check weather I paid tax and National Insurance contributions? 4-If I get refused can I apply for it again once owned taxes are cleared? 5-Even-though my friend has taken over the company with the outstanding taxes am I still responsible for the previous unpaid taxes? Many Thanks

I will do my best to help you with this.

Do you definitely qualify for naturalization? How long have you been settled here/are you married to a British citizen etc?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Have you had chance to have a look into my question ?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I replied your questions but I think there is a problem in the website.
Yes I do quality since 10.09.2011.I have been in the UK since 22.02.2002 first I was a student, in 2006 I applied for business visa under Ankara Agreement as a self employed person.I have been in the UK almost 10 years.
I m not married to a British citizen.
Many thanks
OK, well as you have the length of stay and residency requirements to be able to apply for citizenship, the position with your former business will not affect your application. You are entitled to be naturalized.

Remember that the company you ran has its own legal personality which means it is a person in the eyes of the law. That means that the taxes and debts owed are those of the company, they are not yours. So, they will have no bearing on your application for citizenship and will not prevent you being successful. However, if there are taxes/NICs which should have been paid in respect of your employment by the company, that is different. You need to be able to show that those have been paid and send supporting evidence with your naturalization application, which you send on form AN.

If the taxes etc have not been paid, you need to make sure everything is sorted out and paid up to date before you make your app.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I talked to HMRC today they said there is no unpaid tax once I gave my NI number, strangely I don't think I made any payment towards to taxes/NIC while I was a director in the company.And the last thing is that bugging me, do I need to show any documents to Home office as I was self-employed last 5 years -apart from last one year I've been on JSA.- or just say that I'm unemployed last one year.


You do not need any docs to evidence the self-employed business, just need to tell them that that is what you were doing, tell them about the business etc. The thing you do need in support is the tax docs - your most recent self assessment tax return.
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