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Awan-Legal, Solicitor
Category: UK Immigration Law
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Experience:  Specialist in immigration law with the highest level of accreditation in this area and with many years experience.
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Hi its me "again" (unfortunatelly) as you could see from my

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Hi its me "again" (unfortunatelly) as you could see from my previous emails with you i had some questions regards XXXXX XXXXX coming and staying in u.k etc. Well my wife situation has been handled with positive outcome which was 5 year residence card but now we have another issue with my 6 months old son.He was born in brazil and for the first 3 months of he's life he stayed with my wife in brazil ,now they come to u.k and altought there wasn't any problems with their entry some "very competent" u.k border agency officer decide to give my-at present 3 months old son stamp in the passport granting him entry for a 6 months.Why he did this i have no idea-i'm EU citizen and live in london almost 7 years and my wife have 5 year residence card.Anyway i found out that to make my son residence card as a dependant under 18 i'll have to apply and pay fee of around £1000 .The application form is -SET(F).........Is this unavoidable or its just another big mistake of people working in "ukba"...i can only add that when we had problems with my wife status it cost us about £2000 and many many months of constant stress.Please advice,regards XXXXX XXXXX

Awan-Legal : Hi
Awan-Legal : The 6 month entry is for a family permit which means your son is recognised as an EEA national family member if the code states Code 6a. Even if it does not though, due to your EEA nationality, your son can immediately apply for an EEA 5 year residence permit.
Awan-Legal : He does not require SET F form as this is for family members of British nationals which require a fee.
Awan-Legal : The correct form for him as the child of an EEA national is form EEA2 which is free.

Hi i spoke to my "ex" solicitor today and she told me something about dependant application


sorry i'm not very quick writer

Awan-Legal : The form can be downloaded as follows and lists the documents you will need on it:
Awan-Legal : sitecontent/applicationforms/eea/eea21.pdf

do you know maybe if they can stil make some problems with all that .or its just a mattar of sending application to them?

Awan-Legal : That is ok. No your ex solicitor is wrong, dependant children cases are for British nationals and attract a fee. I have done both types of cases for many years and yours is definitely on EEA2 form. Your son is classed as a 'direct family member' as your child under 21 and so entitled to a 5 year residence permit.

thank you very much,is there anything else i shuld know before i'll do this ,also is this something i can do mysekf or better go to solicitors

Awan-Legal : It should be straightforward in particular as your wife has a 5 year residence card and so long as you are working in the UK and have proof. If you want to make sure and have it checked over, you can seek assistance from an OISC lawyer or search for a solicitor through the SRA. I am sorry to say but your last solicitor seems to have given you the wrong advice if she is telling you to apply on SET F.
Awan-Legal : Good luck and please click accept on my answer.

thank you ,regards Jakub

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