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I have met an Algerian man who left Algeria during the civil

Customer Question

I have met an Algerian man who left Algeria during the civil conflict after fearing his own safety. He had been imprisoned for 28 days by the police who believed him to be involved with the Islamic opposers. He had been pressured by them to join sides, but had resisted but found himself in a no win situation. He fled leaving his parents and most of his siblings behind and went to Paris where is sister has already gone. Because of the immigration laws in Paris at the time he made a bad decision and obtained a false passport and moved to the UK 4 years ago, after staying in Paris and spending sometime in Spain for the first 5 years. He has been working in the UK on this passport and pays his taxes. However, this passport expires next year and he would like to stay in the UK. We have been seeing each other for 8 months and have talked about our long term plans, but with his uncertain past, we are unsure of our options. Would we be likely he could stay if he made an application and if we decided to marry what would be the implications?


Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: UK Immigration Law
Expert:  Alice H replied 5 years ago.
Thanks for your question. I will try and help you with this.

Does he have any children?

Does he have any friends or family in the UK?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
No he does not have any children and has never been married. He has one brother living in the UK at present, who is also making an application for residency.
He does also have many friends in the UK of differing nationalities, including Algerians.
Expert:  Alice H replied 5 years ago.
Thanks for the additional information.

Your friend has to be prepared for the long haul. Any application that he makes is not guaranteed to succeed and he may face deportation.

Firstly I should warn you that using a false passport is a crime and if a person is convicted of using such a passport he could be sent to prison. Secondly it is also a crime to make an application to renew a false passport.

He could apply for asylum but the application is likely to fail because he did not claim asylum immediately upon entering the UK or soon after his arrival.

His only option is to apply for permission to stay in the UK on humanitarian grounds - that is to say he has a settled live in the UK. He would have to give reasons why he could not return to Algeria.

You could marry but it would be virtually impossible as he would not be able to produce proper ID.

The alternative is he returns to Algeria voluntarily and you apply for him to return for marriage.

I'm afraid none of the options are guaranteed to succeed but the humanitarian application is the best way forward if he does not wish to return to Algeria at this time.