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Awan-Legal, Solicitor
Category: UK Immigration Law
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Experience:  Specialist in immigration law with the highest level of accreditation in this area and with many years experience.
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in terms of application.. is there a difference in settlement

Resolved Question:

in terms of application.. is there a difference in settlement visa and spouse visa application. .. is a check list

my wife already have english qualification from vietnam :bulats levelB2-68 points. is this acceptable qualification to satisfy immigation dept?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: UK Immigration Law
Expert:  Awan-Legal replied 5 years ago.

Awan-Legal :


Awan-Legal :

There is no difference between a spouse visa and settlement visa - it is the VAF4a form which you require. This allows your wife to apply for a spouse visa for settlement which will effectively give her a two year probationary visa in the UK, which will then lead to settlement (indefinite leave to remain for which she should apply one month prior to the expiration of her two year visa).

Awan-Legal :

If she has above 60 points in both the speaking and the listening component of the test, then she will satisfy the English language requirement.

Awan-Legal :

The guidance on this is set out as follows by the UKBA:

Awan-Legal :

BULATS Online (certificated version)

Only tests taken with Certifying BULATS Agents:

Cambridge ESOL





Refer to the score on your test report form:

Reading – 10

Listening – 10

Speaking – CEFR A1

Writing – CEFR A1

Reading – 20

Listening – 20

Speaking – CEFR A2

Writing – CEFR A2

Reading – 40

Listening – 40

Speaking – CEFR B1

Writing – CEFR B1

Reading – 60

Listening – 60

Speaking – CEFR B2

Writing – CEFR B2

2 years


Test report form for each component

(reading, writing, speaking, listening)

Name of test centre

Country where test was taken

Awan-Legal :

English language Test

Awarded by


Minimum Grade Required

Test validity

Documents required with application

Awan-Legal :

I am assuming you are a British citizen or with indefinite leave.


i have indefinite leave since 1991

Awan-Legal :

Thathere is a checklist also to help you:



Correspondence between you; emails

Greetings cards;

Marriage certificates; original and translation

Certificates of divorce of any previous marriages;

Wedding photographs; other photos of you together

Financial evidence, such as bank statements, pay slips etc.; 3 months

Evidence of employment and terms of employment;

Evidence of any relevant job offer and terms of such an offer;

Evidence of qualifications for any relevant offer of employment;

Evidence of ownership or tenancy of accommodation and letter from landlord to confirm spouse can join you at no extra cost

Evidence of adequacy of accommodation eg letter from local authority/housing report if applying for family

birth certificates of any child applicants

Phone bills should be itemised and show regular calls/texts to your spouse

Any visit visa stamps to show you are visiting her regularly

Money remittance slips





Please let me know if you have any other questions arising from the above. In the meantime, please click accept on my answer and good luck with the application.



Telephone bills showing calls to your spouse;

Your spouse's original passport and your copy passport.three months bank statements and three to six months pay slips.

Awan-Legal :

I hope that answers your questions. Please click accept on my answer and good luck with the application.


Awan.. do i need my birth certificate too. apart from passport.

Awan-Legal :

No as long as you have indefinite in your passport, you do not need to provide your birth certificate - your marriage certificate will suffice as evidence of your relationship and the passport/indefinite leave show that you are settled in the UK.


i have just renewed my old passport which my IND stamp.. my new passport dont have the stamp yet. i have a letter evidence of ind . i can send copies of both passports plus letter or do i have to get IND stamped ??

Awan-Legal :

No that is ok, the previous passport and IND stamp are fine together with the Home Office letter.

Awan-Legal :

You do not have to specifically get the stamp transferred into your new passport but can choose to do so if you wish although it may take a few months to get the stamped passport back if applying for post.


my phone bills dont show direct calls to my wife as i use calling cards to make calls.. use skype to calls? would that be sufficient.?

Awan-Legal :

yes include your skype history

Awan-Legal :

also, highlight the calling cards with the 0207/8 dialling code and highlight on your bills as far back as possible to show you have been calling her.

Awan-Legal :

include any travel tickets also and hotel stays (if any), trips together/outings for receipts etc

Awan-Legal :

I hope that answers your question.


it does.. just thinking any other things i need to know before submitting application.

Awan-Legal :

That should cover everything unless you have any more questions about it.


she has a multiple visa for 6 months since 18th dec, could she visit me in april.. we intend to submit appl for settlement in couple of weeks?


multiple entry visa i meant to say

Awan-Legal :

yes she can still visit as that remains valid, however, once you submit the application her passport will be with the British Embassy so she cannot visit you whilst it is there

Awan-Legal :

good luck with the application and please click accept on my answer, thanks

Awan-Legal : Hi please click accept on my answer, thank you.

Answers are ok. In terms of documents. Is a mortgage statement is sufficient to show that i have s property or do i have to show purchase contract?

Awan-Legal : Hi this answer is closed. You will need to ask for it to be re-opened for me to answer and for you to accept. Thanks
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