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Hi, im planning on travelling to the Uk in Feb to meet my

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Hi, i'm planning on travelling to the Uk in Feb to meet my English boyfriend. I am Australian. I have visited the Uk twice before but to visit my ex English boyfriend. I was questioned extensively the first time i tried to enter the Uk and was allowed entry. Will i be denied entry because i now have another English boyfriend? We met online.


Thanks for your question.

To enable me to answer your question could you please respond to the following:-

  • 1. Are you coming simply for the purpose of a visit?

Kind regards.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yes just for 3 weeks. Just to meet and maybe sight see. I have a job here to get back too and also financial commitments and car etc.



Thanks for your reply.


The visa waiver program with Australia allows citizens to come here for short visits, but it's technically at the discretion of the Entry Clearance Officers at the Airport because they have the discretion to refuse entry if they suspect a visitor shall overstay their visit and seek permanent stay (which is strictly prohibited).


Where visiting a partner the chances of an overstay are increased and the ECOs are more suspicious, hence your questioning.


You should certainly take evidence of your return ticket, money that you have available and also evidence of your accommodation, car and job in Australia to convince them that you have compelling ties back home which will mean you will return.

However, to be 100% certain of entry you would have to apply for a visitor's visa before you left. In these circumstances the chances of questioning are dramatically reduced because the ECO will be confident of the checks made by their officers on your visitor's visa applications. You may be pushed to get a visa by that time and if minded to do so would call the embassy to see if they do same day appointments.


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I will answer your follow up questions you may have.

Kind regards,


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I just wanted to ask, are many people turned away due to wanting to meet an online boyfriend? I stay with my parents, I have a job but it's only part time, will that be okay?

People do get turned away where the ECOs think that even though they say they enter for a visit on the visa waiver program they actually intend to stay permanently, it does happen.

The best way to be sure of entry is to apply for a visitor's visa before you travel.


If you don't have the time to do this then you should take all the evidence you can showing your life in Austraila. If you don't arouse suspicion then you should be fine. You will be able to argue that you returned without overstaying last time and are aware that you would be deported and banned if you sought permanent stay and therefore know that you must return home.

Trust this clarifies, please click accept.

Kind regards,


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