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tier 4 overstay and extensio application

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hi I am studying in university in the uk under tier 4 general student rules. my course is finishing in may 2012. my wife is also with me under tier 4 rules as my dependant. my wife is pregnant and she has to frequently attend gp and hospital appointments. my visa expired on 1st of january 2012 because i couldnt get the letter from university in time due to christmas and new year holidays and the staff who deals with letter went for holidays 3 days before university closed for break. i have arranged my bank statements for maintenance as a setteled student. now can i and my wife apply for my extension from within the uk? can out overstay casue any problems? and can we still show reduced maintenance funds to show as we couldnt get CAS letter due to christmas and new year holidays? can i get any concession due to my wife as this might me harmful for her or for the baby to do air travel? your guidance will be very helpful for me. thanks



Thanks for your question.


I'm afraid that if you did not have your CAS letter and submitting this before your visa expired then you are an overstayer. Though I appreciate that you were not able to obtain your letter because of the festive break, the UKBA are not under any obligation to give you any flexibility on this. They are permitted under immigration rules to refuse on this basis.


If you apply to extend your visa once you have your CAS letter then you would have to plead that they exercise their discretion and not refuse your visa under the ground of any overstay. You should explain in detail your personal circumstances and difficulties which led to you not acquiring your letter in time.

Their position would be that it was your responsibility to take in to account the festive period and breaks in the administrative staff at the university and request your CAS earlier accordingly. I have to say that this is a reasonable position to take but you may get some luck if you have an understanding immigration officer and your application has not other defects.

If you are unsuccessful and are able to get a doctor's note stating that you wife is not medically able to travel because of her pregnancy then you should be granted further leave to remain until she has had the child and is well enough to travel again. .



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I will answer your follow up questions you may have.

Kind regards,


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Customer: replied 5 years ago.


thanks for reply

I have couple of more questions please sir.

What should I answer for the question in the application form, Have you ever overstayed? as no or yes

becasue if i say yes

firstly can i still show then reduced maintenance funds in my bank account or i have to show high maintenance funds

can i answer as no

becasue i couldnt get letter because of holidays

but as you said that this is my responsibility to get the letter in time, so what do you suggest here please. should i answer yes and still show reduced maintenance funds?

And also if my wife is not fit for travel, do i get tier 4 visa extension and can continue study as well or i will have to apply some other type of visa like FLR(O) on medical basis?



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Dear T Graham
I have been unable to get the CAS letter as I before they told me they will issue me letter with the remaining fee on it, but not after delaying me a lot altough i paid them another £1500 , they still not issuing me CAS letter, what should I do, as doctor has granted a letter to my wife that she cannot travel as it can be dangerous for her under her current medical condition. What can I do now, as I do not have CAS, and my Tier4 application will be refused, can I and my wife get any further leave to remain on medical grounds and can I still attend my lectures and sit in the exams as it is only 4 months lefts in my studies, and can I still get permission to work, as I need money to survive??
Your answer will be much appreciated.



I will be able to answer tomorrow.


Hi MS,

You can request further leave to remain on the basis of your wife's medical condition but this will be limited to the time by which she will have recovered.

If you cannot get your CAS letter soon to make an application then you can still study and sit your exams if you get further leave to remain on the basis of your wife's condition. This is subject to your university letting you do this under their own internal policy.


If you do not make the application after getting your CAS letter and take/pass your exams then you can make an application for FLR but you will again be relying on the UKBA's discretion.

Kind regards,


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