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Awan-Legal, Solicitor
Category: UK Immigration Law
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Experience:  Specialist in immigration law with the highest level of accreditation in this area and with many years experience.
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My friend came to uk on HSMP visa on 09 Feb 2009 under Tier1

Customer Question

My friend came to uk on HSMP visa on 09 Feb 2009 under Tier1 and now he is planning to apply for extension, pls advise what are the documents he needs to send to home office?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: UK Immigration Law
Expert:  Awan-Legal replied 5 years ago.

Awan-Legal : Hi
Awan-Legal : When does his visa expire?



Visa expires end of Jan 2012

Awan-Legal : Hi
Awan-Legal : Sorry for the delayed response. The HSmP scheme was replaced by the Tier 1, so you will need to apply to extend this up to 28 days before your visa expires. AgePoints claimed by the applicant on the basis of his/her age at the date of application for the first grant of leave in the categoryWhat was your age?  Maximum20 pointsUnder 28 years of age 20 points28 or 29 years old 10 points30 or 31 years old 5 points32 or over 0 pointsQualificationWhat is your highest qualification?What is the highest level qualification you have obtained? Please note that your selection should relate to the UK equivalent of your qualification.  Maximum50 pointsPhD 50 pointsMasters Degree 35 pointsA Bachelors Degree 30 pointsNone of the above 0 pointsEarning PowerWhat is the highest amount you have earned in a 12 period within the last 15 months?Earnings  Maximum45 points£40000 + 45 points£35,000 - £39,999 40 points£32,000 - £34,999 35 points£29,000 - £31,999 30 points£26,000 - £28,999 25 points£23,000 - £25,999 20 points£20,000 - £22,999 15 points£20,000 - £22,999 15 points£18,000 - £19,999 10 points£16,000 - £17,999 5 pointsUnder £16,000 0 pointsUplift CalculationNo Uplift Calculation is applicable for HSMP Visa ExtensionUK ExperienceUK ExperienceHave you had any previous UK Experience?  Maximum5 pointsClaimed at least 5 points for earnings within the UK? (Income of more than £16,000) 5 pointsNone of the above 0 pointsEnglish Language Requirement *English Language Assessment  Maximum10 pointsNational of a majority English speaking country 10 pointsYou have studied for a bachelors, masters degree or PHD in one of the English speaking countries 10 pointsYou have successfully taken one of the following English Language tests and attainted the pass level indicated here (pdf file) 10 pointsYou have successfully studied for a (British Equivalent) Bachelors, Masters, or PhD course, which was taught (or researched) in the English Language 10 pointsFund Maintenance *Fund Maintenance Requirement  Maximum10 pointsInside UK - Do you have at least £800, and £533 for every dependent if the main applicant has been in the UK for a period of more than 12 months? 10 pointsOutside UK - Do you have at least £2800 plus £1600 for your first dependent plus £800 for each subsequent dependent? 10 pointsOthersYou must be able to support myself without claiming benefits from the British Government.You should not have been convicted of a criminal offense and have a clean UK immigration history.You should be able to support yourself without claiming public funds in the UKContact UsOne needs to score minimum 75 points plus 20 points out of the Fund Maintenance and Language Requirement area (95 together) to be eligible for the programme.
Awan-Legal : You must send two recent passport photographs and your passport, along with proof of the following:qualifications; previous earnings; United Kingdom experience; English language; maintenance (funds);
Awan-Legal : If you have been awarded a qualification, you must provide the original certificate of award.The original certificate of award must be on the awarding institution's official headed paper, and must clearly show:your name;the title of the award;the date of the award; andthe name of the awarding institution.
Awan-Legal : These should be either formal payslips or on company headed paper. If payslips are on unheaded paper or you receive all pay slips online, you must authenticate the evidence by asking the employer to sign and stamp a printout.If you send payslips, they must cover the whole period claimed (for example, if payslips are produced monthly, you must provide the payslip for each month of the period claimed).
Awan-Legal : Bank statements you send must be on official bank stationery, and must show each of the payments that you are claiming. If you wish to send electronic bank statements from an online account you should also send a supporting letter from the bank on company headed paper confirming that the documents are authentic. Alternatively, electronic bank statements with the official stamp of the bank that issued the statements will be accepted. The stamp must appear on every page of the statement.
Awan-Legal : You must send a letter on company headed paper from your current and/or previous employer(s) which clearly shows:your earnings during period claimed; andthe date and amount of each payment; andyour gross and net pay; andthat it is dated after the period for which earnings are being claimed.
Awan-Legal : We define tax documents as:a document produced by a tax authority that shows details of declarable taxable income on which tax has been paid or will be paid in a tax year (for example a tax refund letter or tax demand);a document produced by an employer as an official return to a tax authority, showing details of earnings on which tax has been paid in a tax year (for example, a P60 in the United Kingdom); ora document produced by a person, business, or company as an official return to a tax authority, showing details of earnings on which tax has been paid or will be paid in a tax year. The document must have been approved, registered, or stamped by the tax authority (this is particularly relevant to some overseas tax systems, for example, SARAL in India).However, while we have included tax documents in the list of acceptable documents, they will rarely be of use. This is because tax documents are usually produced at the end of a fixed tax period and will therefore not show the entire period for which you are claiming previous earnings unless they are for the exact period claimed. You should therefore be cautious about using these documents unless you are sure they show the exact amount of earnings for which you are claiming points.
Awan-Legal : Proof you have passed an English language testThe original test result certificate must clearly show:your name;the qualification obtained; andthe date of the award.The test must be on our list of approved English language tests, which you can download from the right side of this page.
Awan-Legal : Or
Awan-Legal : If you want to show that you meet the English language requirement because you hold an acceptable degree taught in English, you should provide the original certificate of your award.This certificate must be original, and must clearly show:your namethe title of the awardthe date of the awardthe name of the awarding institutionOriginal provisional certificates are not acceptable.You must provide the original certificate of your award unless:you have successfully completed your degree but you are awaiting graduation; or you no longer have the certificate and the awarding institution cannot issue a replacement.In either of those situations, you must provide the original academic reference from the institution, and the original academic transcript. Both documents must be on the institution's official headed paper.The original academic reference must clearly show:your namethe title of the awardconfirmation that the certificate will be or has been issuedthe date that the certificate will be issued, or confirmation that the institution cannot issue a replacementThe original academic reference will not be suitable evidence if it does not state which qualification has been awarded.The academic transcript must clearly show:your namethe name of the academic institutionthe course titleconfirmation of the awardYou should ensure that the contact details for the awarding body are up to date. If we need to verify the details and we cannot contact the institution, we will not accept this evidence and may therefore refuse your application.
Awan-Legal : Personal bank or building society statements covering the 3-month period immediately before the applicationBuilding society pass-book covering the previous 3-month periodLetter from bank confirming funds and that they have been in the bank for at least 3 monthsLetter from financial institution regulated by either the Financial Services Authority or the home regulator confirming funds
Awan-Legal : The above financial documents must show The documents must show that you have had at least £800 in your account at all times over the three-month period.Evidence must be in the form of cash funds. Other accounts or financial instruments (such as shares, bonds and pension funds), regardless of notice, are not acceptable.If you wish to rely on a joint account as evidence of available funds, you must be named on the account along with one or more other named individual.All evidence must be dated no more than 1 month before the application is submitted.
Awan-Legal : HSMP approval letter.
Awan-Legal : The above is a list of all the required documents. Thank you for being patient as this answer took some time to draft.
Awan-Legal : I hope that is helpful. Please click accept on my answer so that I may be rewarded for my time.
Awan-Legal :

Hi, I hope the above is clear. Please kindly click accept on my answer or let me know if you have any follow up questions.


Hello Finally application was sent on 20 Dec 2011 which was received on 21 Dec by courier service and it was signed at the time of delivery. However, no acknowledgement has been receivd yet. Can you please advise when should we expect receiving acknowledgement and if there is no acknowledgment and visa expires then what should he do?

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Customer :

Hello Finally application was sent on 20 Dec 2011 which was received on 21 Dec by courier service and it was signed at the time of delivery. However, no acknowledgement has been receivd yet. Can you please advise when should we expect receiving acknowledgement and if there is no acknowledgment and visa expires then what should he do?