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My late grangfather (an Israeli Jewish) was born in Aden and

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My late grangfather (an Israeli Jewish) was born in Aden and thus possesed a British passport when immigrated to Israel at the beginning of the last century. Would it be possible for my mother (his daughter) to enjoy the privilege of having herself a British passport/nationality ?
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Where and when was your mother born? When was your grandfather born and when did he move to Israel. did he become an Israeli citizen?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
My mother was born in Israel on 1938. My grandfather was born on 1914. He moved to Israel at the age of 9 ( with his parents) on 1923 and became an Israeli citizen.
I am afraid not. Nationality law here changed quite extensively in 1983. If your mother was born before 1983 as she was, she would only be entitled to British Citizenship if she had citizenship of the UK of colonies in 1983 and she had the right of abode. Even if she had citizenship by descent from your grandfather she did not have the right of abode as she was not born or settled in the UK at the time.

It is also likely that your grandfather lost any UK citizenship because UK citizens who were not entitled to full British Citizenship but held one or other form of overseas citizen lost that right when the law was changed if they held citizenship of another country. I have not researched it in detail but I would be fairly sure that in the case of someone who acquired citizenship by being born in an overseas territory like yemen ( aden) would have lost the right to British overseas citizenship that by acquiring another citizenship.

In any event even if your grandfather retained a form of British overseas citizenship it would not entitle your mother to British Citizenship because she did ot have the right of abode in the UK in 1983.
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