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Tier2 - sponsorship of certificate from my company Hi,

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Tier2 - sponsorship of certificate from my company?

Hi, My PSW visa is about to expire in Jan 2012 and I would like to change into Tier2 General , I have manged to accept my manager to provide me salary for £20K by doing 48 hours a week and including night allowances.
Now i have a problem here, The company is very happy to provide me payslips and official letter mentioning my employment details, but my employer not wishing to enroll with UKBA for sponsorship licence because of their own reasons( like their company is not clean..... ).

1). is the official letter from my company confirming my employment is valid for Tier2 General visa?
2). Do they need to provide me sponsorship of certificate from company. is it mandatory?

In what other ways the company can help me to provide me Tier2 visa?
4). what are the other options i can get the Tier2 visa...

Please provide me detailed information.

Note: your time and research for answering my question will be paid off.


I believe answered one of our questions before but you felt my answer was a it abrupt. that was not the intention but on an online service like this I find it is best to give a clear answer to the specific question

I am afraid that the answer to this one is quite short aswell. You simply must have a licensed sponsor. Without a licensed sponsor you cannot get the sponsorship certificate you need as a psw visa holder. this is how you get 30 of the necessary points.

I am also sorry to say there is no way round it. You have to be employed for 6 months by your sponsor to get the points to switch to tier 2.
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