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I want to know about Tier2 visa Hi I am currently on post

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I want to know about Tier2 visa?

Hi I am currently on post study work visa which is expiring on 22nd jan 2012, my wife is here for last 4 months on dependent visa and she started a travel agency last month as very small scale business.i am working as a receptionist in a hotel for 2 years and my salary is 15000 per year. I am also the sectary of my wife's company with no shares. This is my current position.

I heard that we have no more any kind of skilled work visa, that suits my salary and all, is it true?

I would like to ask my HR, if they can provide some kind of work visa(Tier 2), can you please what visa i can be eligible?

What are the requirements for Tier2 visa such as letter from the company, salary range, how much funds i should show, how tax i should pay, when should i pay?

I am gonna ask my company to provide me the sponsorship letter only and i want bear the rest of the things, so please advise me accordingly.

is there anyother way that I and my wife can stay in UK after 2012 Jan?

Looking forward to get reply from you.

Many thanks

You are not eligible fro a tier 2 permit under current rules unless your income is more than £20,000.

You can switch from a PSW to tier 2 but you need to have the minimum salary.

Your wife is unlikely to qualify in her own right. she is here as your dependent and to stay in her own right she would need to qualify under tier 1 or 2 .

You should presumably be paying tax on your income anyway if you have a job NI and PAYE should be being deducted.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you for you answer, the information is useful but, need more information to find some solution.

if the company manages to provide me issue a letter for more than 20k will it be ok.? what else i need from the company?

in another case, as a secetary of my company, i can show some salary. does it help me to meet the requirement?

please provide in detail.

Note: you will be paid for your time and work for me.
No a letter will not suffice. you need to produce payslips. the full requirements for documentary evidence are set out on the UKBA website. See here:

to demonstrate salary you need proper payslips .
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