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My older son Kyle is 21, was born in the USA & at University

Customer Question

My older son Kyle is 21, was born in the USA & at University in the USA.
My younger son Scott is 18, was born in the UK, at University in the USA.
Both have American passports.
I am UK domiciled & resident here, born here & own a UK passport.
I would like to get them a British passport too (is that dual citizenship) & wish to know how I can also make them legally able to work here at the least during the Christmas holidays & possibly full time if they choose to live here.
Please advise fully as I need to sort this quickly as it has been outstanding.
Mr Barry Bowen
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: UK Immigration Law
Expert:  Senior Partner replied 6 years ago.
you have asked this question before and I responded in detail including a link to where you could get the information to apply but you did not respond or accept and I note you have never accepted any of the answers of other experts either.

My answer was as follows:

"Thanks in that case they are both british citizens. Your 18 year old by birth and the 21 year old by descent. The only difference is that your 18 year old can pass his citizenship on to children born abroad but your 21 year old cannot as citizenship by descent can only pass one generation. They can simply apply for british passports. They will need to provide evidence of your citizenship - a copy of your passport is I recall sufficient.

If they are living in the US they apply to a british consulate - information is here:

There is no inhibition either in the US or the UK to being a dual national but they must enter and leave the Us on their US passports"

There is no restriction on them working in the UK as British Citizens

Please pres accept so I am credited with my time. You can still ask follow up questions.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hello - sorry I am in Europe at the moment.
So do they get in touch with British Consolate in US?
Are they in their respective State or is there one National, or do they initially do it in the UK?
Do they call or get forms on line?
Being kids, I won't find it easy to get them to do this - so I'll have to do it & just want clear instructions on where to go - addree or e-mail or number if necessary.
Thanks for help.
Mr Bowen
Expert:  Senior Partner replied 6 years ago.
Hi Barry
There is one processing centre for the USA - in washington see here

This is the address

UK Passport Service for the Americas and Caribbean
British Embassy
19 Observatory Circle N.W.
Washington DC 20008

They have to apply there if they are in the US. They could apply for a passport if they are in the UK but it is not a quick process.

As they are applying for a first adult passport, they will be required to attend personally for an interview. This is part of the fraud checking process. In the uk this is done at regional passport offices but I dont honestly know what happens in the US. It may be possible to go to the local consulate or embassy. Washington is just the central processing centre.

All the forms are available online through the links I have given you . You use form C1 and the guidance notes tell you exactly what you need to submit.