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CharlotteSJ, Immigration Solicitor
Category: UK Immigration Law
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Experience:  I have 6 years experience in Immigration law and I am accredited to LSC Level 2 and OISC Level 3.
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i am a british marketing consultant with clients in indonesia.

This answer was rated:

i am a british marketing consultant with clients in indonesia. a female client with her own company manufacturing rattan furniture for export. she will be attending a furniture fair in spain in september as part of the indonesia pavilion and wished to include a visit to the uk to meet two companies that had issued invitations. her six month multi visit application was denied on a number of contributing factors which led the assessing officer to decide that "the probability was she would not leave the uk as required" the quoted factors which influenced this decision were factually inaccurate, including his view that she did not have a viable company that had operated since 2005 as she stated, nor was any cognisance taken of the character reference from the company Notary nor from the details on the company web site. He also noted that her failure to obtain a Schengen visa before applying for a UK visa reduced her credibility, despite this being the advice given to her by the officer organising the Spain trip for the Indonesian Ministry of Industry on the grounds that it would be quicker. I note that the grounds for appeal are restricted to racial discrimination or human rights - nothing is mentioned about factual inaccuracies. I have all the information to hand but need urgent advice as the decision was notified last thursday, 4th. I have used JA on several occasions and have always been impressed - I trust this will continue to be the case.
An out of country appeal, whatever grounds you plead it on will take upwards of of 5 months and so if your client is intending to come in September then it is unlikely that an appeal will help her as it won't get to a hearing in time.

The reason that the grounds of appeal are limited are because there is no general right of appeal against a non-family tourist visa so you can only appeal where there has been some form of illegal discrimination for example racial discrimination or where the UK breaches it's obligations under the European Convention on Human Rights. Unfortunately it does not appear that either of these apply here.

The options available to your client are to either make a fresh application or to make a formal complaint to the visa section highlighting why the refusal is nonsense and emphasising why her application adequately showed that the immigration rules were met.

It may be a good idea to try making a complaint in the first instance anyway, even if she goes on to making a further application at a later stage. You can therefore challenge this refusal but highlight the fact that you are not appealing due to the timescales involved and not because you agree with the decision.

Set out in your letter of complaint the requirements of Rule 41 (as detailed at the bottom of this answer) and explain in detail why the decision is wrong and that adequate evidence was provided. I have tried this on previous occasions and successfully over turned decisions without the need to go to appeal. The Entry Clearance Managers who deal with complaints are often better trained and more reasonable to deal with than the Entry Clearance Officers who make the initial decisions.

I assume that your client is not coming to the UK to do any business, but only to visit the companies. If she is planning on doing any business then she will need to look at applying as a business visitor instead.

If the complaint doesn't work then your client could try to make a fresh application.

As she has previously been refused, it would be a good idea to seek the assistance of a solicitor in preparing a fresh application to ensure that all the issues raised in the refusal are addressed.

The argument that she is not a genuine visitor because she did not apply for a Schengen visa is absurd. There is no requirement in the rules that states that when applying to come to the UK you must get a Schengen visa as this would completely negate the need for the immigration rules.

It would be a good idea when making your fresh application to emphasise the ties that your client has to Indonesia for example her business, any property that she owns in Indonesia and any family that she has there. It would be a good idea for a covering letter to be prepared which goes through the rules and highlights exactly what requirements must be met and highlighting why the previous refusal gives spurious reasons for refusal. Include the invitations from the businesses to show that she is only coming to visit them but not undertake any work. If you have made a formal complaint, it would be a good idea to include this as well.

Thank you for your question.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

thank you charlotte - I think there is a glitch in JA's web site as it is still cutting in saying that the question has been thrown open - I have picked up yoru answer via my email address.

Your answer is broadly in line with my own thinking, which is heartening.


What is so galling is that, on my advice, she wrote to the Visa company that deals with Indo applications in Jakarta on the 28th June expalining her plans, including coming in late September to visit the two invitees and mentioning her provisional plans to come back in November if necessary to follow up any UK leads from her exhibiting at the jakarta and valencia fairs, both commitments being featured on the "what's new" box on the home page of her web site and asking for their advice regarding a multi visit business visa. Their response was short, they confirmed a six month multi visit business visa was a possibility, did not address any of the other issues she raised but merely referred her to the Govt web site. She was also required to apply on line with additional written submissions not being encouraged. The on line application form is not geared to a multi visit business application, provision is only made for one set of dates.


I am a Global Marketing Consultant - I also suggested that my motor home be utilised to travel around the UK as it serves as a mobile office and would afford flexibilty for getting to wherever the appointments were around the UK. the Clearance Officer decided that "this does not seem like an arrangement a global marketing company would reach and undermines the credibility of your application". Neither myself, nor my client has ever represented myself as a Global Marketing Company with the connotations of offices around the globe.


He then goes on to say that copies of emails from me were forgeries as the font of the header differed from the body text (this is actually not uncommon) and "I am therefore not satisfied that this email came from the purported author i.e. the leader of a Global Investment Company". again nowhere have I, nor my client, represented that I am a GlobaL Investment Company and I was indeed the author..


he also maintained that she produced no evidence to show she had been trading since 2005. She submitted her company documentation since 2006, wrote a covering letter on company headed note paper and included the company web site address as part of her sign off. The web site gives all the info on the company since its inception, covering all the points he says are not covered in evidence. copies of the invitations were included in her submission, were acknowledged but not commented on. The character reference, provided by the Company's Notary on her official stationery who has acted for the company since 2006, also carried no weight.


I will be writing in support of her complaint as my character has been impugned by his comments and also pointing out that the both my client and her Notary come from Cirebon with the Notary being a member of Cirebon's Royal family and my client is known socially to the family.


My question is now - does she write to the Entry Clearance Manager or the Officer with her complaint that the decison was founded in part on incorrect assertions, accompanied by a declaration made and signed in front of the Notary and endorsed by the Notary, and should my letter be sent with her submission or submitted separately.


I am conscious of the length of this communcation - but if I can get this matter resolved I will certainly be happy to pay more than the stated rate

It is important that this is dealt with by an ECM rather than an ECO as otherwise you will just get the same mindless response that she received previously. If you address it as an urgent formal complaint then this should reach the right person. The details of where to send the complain are below. Make it clear that you are complaining that that ECO failed to do his job properly by failing to consider the evidence provided rather than saying that you don't like the decision as this is more an appeal ground.

"Service standards - complaints and compliments
The UK Border Agency aims to offer a fair and professional service to all our customers. We welcome feedback it helps us to see where we need to improve. If you have any comments, or are concerned about the standard of service you received, please let us know. We investigate all complaints fully and will send you a reply within 20 working days.

If you wish to complain about a refusal decision please read the Notice of Immigration Decision which states your appeal rights. Due to Data Protection Legislation, we are not able to discuss visa decisions with unauthorised Third Parties.

If you wish to complain about the service you received from the UK Border Agency at this Embassy/Consulate General, please address your complaint to:

Entry Clearance Manager,
British Consulate General, UK Border Agency (Visa Services)
Deutsche Bank Building 19th Floor,
Jakarta 10310
Email :[email protected]

I would send the complaint by email and clearly mark it as a formal complaint to the ECM so there can be no confusion. The embassy probably have a complete copy of the application so there is no point in resending anything but it may be beneficial to include a letter or email from you addressing the points you wish to raise and then she can detail the issues she has with the refusal fully in her email. If you can, put your concerns in an email that she can then forward to the Embassy with her complaint. I don't think that a notarised declaration is necessary at this stage, when I have done this previously it has all been by email. The important thing is to get the issue elevated to someone who actually has the power to do something about it and the capability (and permission) to think for themselves.

If you send too much extra documentation then it looks like the ECO didn't have everything he needed to make a decision and the refusal was right. Your argument is that he did have everything he needed, he just failed to consider it properly.

The online form is completely pointless as it doesn't let you give all the information you need. What I tend to do is a very detailed covering letter addressing all the requirements in the rules and cross referencing the evidence provided, spelling out in idiot speak exactly which piece of evidence proves which requirement. I include this with the supporting evidence and then in the form for every box that allows text rather than a drop down menu, I write 'See attached letter' so that they cannot argue that they did not know there was a letter explaining everything. I know this doesn't really help you now but it may be something to consider in future. Until they actually start employing ECOs who know what they are doing and who understand the law, I don't think applicants really have a choice but to make detailed written submissions.

Best of luck!

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
thank you so much Charlotte - as a "thwarted" lawyer I do enjoy the challenge of taking on arrogant public servants and your thinking has chrystallised my approach. I would like to keep this thread open for a couple of days until it is all under way - am I able to pay and then ask for you again or would it be easier to accept and pay when it is underway at the higher rate? By the way is there a deadline for complaining and asking for a review?
You are more than welcome to keep this thread open as long as you want and I'll do my best to help you.

You can click accept and pay now whilst keeping the same thread open and then if you need to pay for further help, you can either add on to the bottom and then click accept again. I think each time I answer you have the option to accept and I get paid per answer you accept. Alternatively if the JA monitors close the question and you still need help, you can certainly direct your question to me rather than putting it in the general pool.

From the information I found on the website above, it looks like they have a 20 day 'deadline' for making a complaint and so I would lodge it as soon as possible, not least because then it gives your client more time to decide what to do once she receives their decision.

It is incredibly infuriating how incompetent some ECOs are and the really irritating thing is it's the applicants who then suffer because they have to wait 6 months or longer to get the decision rectified by a Tribunal, if they are even given a full right of appeal.

All the best,

Sorry, I've just read that again, they will respond in 20 working days. There is no deadline as far as I can see to make a complaint. The general Home Office complaints service in the UK has a deadline of 3 months and so I would assume this applies overseas too. As said though, I would do it sooner rather than later.

CharlotteSJ and other UK Immigration Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I think I mentioned to you the strange co-incidence of the same names but different initials of the ECO and the ECM. I wrote to the ECM, signed and scanned in as an attachment, from my business email address, both supporting my client in her Formal Complaint and also lodging a Formal Complaint at the way assertions made by the ECO had impugned my character.


My client went in person to deliver her complaint to the British Consulate. When she then wrote asking for confirmation of receipt, since the only contact is via the email address of the company operating the Visa application office for the Border Agency, she did not receive a direct reply to her email. However a reply was sent to the Visa office instructing them to forward their email to an email address of my clients company, albeit not to her directly, nor to my company address


Dear VFS,


Please forward below message to Mr. A and Mrs. E G on her email address "info at ... "


Dear Mr. A and Mrs. E G,


Thank you for your e-mail on August 10th and your formal complaint letters on August 12th and August 15th 2011. Your correspondences have been passed to the Entry Clearance Manager from whom you will receive a substantive reply in due course. We aim to answer correspondence within 20 working days.


Yours sincerely,



Who ever authorised this has picked up on the fact that, for confidence instilling purposes, I allow my company address to be used as a European Office address and my telephone number as the European contact. The email address quoted is one and the same as the above message was sent to and features on the company web site.


Whether I choose to allow my address to be used in this way surely does not give the BA the right to decide to which address they will reply - rather than replying to the addresses from which correspondence emanates - or does it? The conduct of the author of this email does not instill me with confidence that this Formal Complaint against the original refusal of entry decision will be considered impartially. What course of action do you advise me to take please



For the moment, just wait and see what the substantive response is. Given that she is wanting to come at the end of September, their 20 working days will not be up until 5 September which is cutting it pretty fine. I would give them a week so that they have then had 10 working days from 10 August and then chase it again, pointing out that time is of the essence and that you need a response quicker than that and 10 working days is a reasonable amount of time to consider it.

I wouldn't kick up too much of a fuss about the email at this stage as the main objective of this is to highlight the poor decision making and get the application looked at again by someone who understands the rules. No point in getting on the wrong side of that person before they look at it. You can always raise that as an issue if this doesn't work and you want to take it further.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
it is re-assuring to know that I am thinking along the same lines - note the BA refers to my client as Mrs, albeit the Visa Office use Ms and she is a Miss! The dates quoted are odd in that Miss E G sent an email on the 10th, lodging her Formal Complaint and informing them that it would be delivered the next day, but due to work commitments she actually delivered hers by hand at 09-30 on the 12th, so it was just as well that she actually gave advance warning on the 10th to kick off the start of twenty working days? for what it is worth I sent my email from the UK, with scanned attachments, on the 11th and received an acknowlegement of receipt the same day. She has diaried a reminder for the 24th - I will keep you posted - fear not, for a further mark of appreciation will be forthcoming once this is resolved so I will refrain from clicking the accept answer button for the time being if that is OK with you
No problem, best of luck with it all!
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hi Charlotte

I don't notice my last note here but just to let you know that, having written after ten days as you suggested, no resonse was forthcoming and the offices have been shut for all of this week due to the ending of Ramahdan, so I guess they will claim that the whol of this week is excluded as far as working days are concerned so that will put the 20 day date back to the 13th September! They are effectively preventing her from getting a Schengen Visa as well as the Head of the Spanish Visa Office wants to know the outcome before making a decision. Last date for flying out to Spain is the 17th so it looks as though procrastination will win. Any ideas please?
As soon as the Embassy is open again, get your client to contact them and ask to speak to an ECM and highlight the fact that she doesn't have time to wait for them to deal with this and that she is now prevented from getting a Schengen visa because they want to know the outcome. If she has problems getting through tell her to stand her ground and ask to speak to the manager of the person she speaks to. Keep going higher until she gets to speak to someone who actually has the power to do something. It may take some time but hopefully she should get there. Bombard them with urgent faxes and emails too until someone takes responsibility for this.

Highlight the financial impact that this delay may have on her business, the fact that she is extremely dissatisfied with the service and that if a response is not received this week then she'll be making a formal complaint to the Parliamentary Ombudsman.

If she has to go down this route then it possibly means that on this occasion, she will not be able to make her trip but you should certainly continue with your complaint against the service (or lack thereof) she has received as she may get some compensation for her trouble.

Sorry I can't be more helpful but best of luck.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks for that Charlotte - She was on the verge of writing when she received a call this morning from the Visa office asking for her to re-submit her passport and that a decision will be made about three days after she does that. The problem now of course if that her passport is with the Spanish Visa office so she has written to them asking if she can come to jakarta tomorrow to collect it and go to the UK Visa Office. Whether they will, or indeed whether she will then have to start her Schengen application all over again is as yet unknown. The problem with phoning is that there is no direct number available for the UK Border Agency, as all calls go through the Visa Office, operated by a commercial organisation, who rarely answer but she has already started trying - it will certainly be tight - and will probably involve multiple visits, possibly four, to Jakarta, a four hour train ride away each way, which effectively takes all day, and costs the equivalent of 25% of an Indonesian basic monthly salary each time! Hey ho - all is not lost yet
That sounds promising though if they have asked for her passport back.

Let me know how you get on.


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
All your suggested bombarding and threats of PO eventually worked as she received a call from the ECM himself who mentioned the additional information that I had given him and agreed that she could deliver her passport by hand in person. Would only say "a decision will be made within three days" but did say that she should carry on with her Schengen application. So, as you say, it sounds promising but with these people I wouldn't like to count chickens etc. At least the Head of the Spanish Visa Office happily agreed to handing back her passport with no mention of having to start again. Downside is her having to start at 4 a.m. to get to Jakarta for a stay of probably less than an hour in total, then the same to collect it and then the same again for the Spanish decision!
Hopefully by the end of the week, she should know what the position is. I agree, probably best not to count your chickens just yet!

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Well Charlotte - at last we have a visa! However it took until Friday morning to get the phone call to say that the passport was ready for collection that by the time my client got to Jakarta to collect it and deliver it to the Spanish Embassy it was too late for them to do anything other than inisist that an airline reservation should be produced before they will start processing the application on Monday. All very tight due to the delays by the UK and no guarantee that any decision will be made in time to fly out late this week. The biggest cause for concern is that the original refusal stamp remains untouched in the passport and I fear this could be a cause for further problems on arrival in the UK since the Border Agency ECM has not responded to any emails regarding the upholding of the Formal Complaint - does she have a right to a response? On the basis that the upholding of the Formal Complaint surely acknowledged that the original decision was a bad one why should it's existence still be recorded in the passport? Is my understanding that, in the case of a person convicted of an offence having their conviction quashed on appeal, all record of the offence and conviction is expunged from their records,correct? If it is why doesn't the same hold good in cases such as this? What can be done regarding this as surely now every application for a Visa will require a positive answer to be given to any "Have you ever been refused .." question with its potential repercussions. Does the overturning of an original decision following a Formal Complaint carry any weight as regards XXXXX XXXXX financial loss e.g. four trips to Jakarta or warrant a formal apology?

As always I look forward to your responses with interest.

First of all, great news! Perseverance is the key!

In respect of the formal apology, you can continue to try to get one and some compensation but I wouldn't hold your breath. Unfortunately they are a law unto themselves and you just have to live with it and try to focus on the fact that in the end, you won in so far as you got the decision overturned which is brilliant.

In respect of future applications, has her visa been cancelled? I thought that it was just the application that was refused in which case, there should not be anything in the passport to indicate that. Please tell me if I have this wrong or if the Embassies have started a new practice of recording every refused attempt in the passport which while very unfair, wouldn't really surprise me unfortunately.

My view on future applications would be, she didn't make a fresh application or pay a fresh fee with the complaint and so the original application was granted. Therefore there has been no refusal to speak of in future applications and so she should still tick the 'no' box when asked if she has ever been refused a visa before (obviously I don't know about whether she was ever refused before this visa and if so, she should obviously tick 'yes'.)

Just so they don't try to assert that she is misleading them, I would also in the covering letter say that she was initially refused her visa but this was overturned by the ECM upon a formal complaint being made. This should cover her and ensure that there are no negative implications for her in the future.

Fingers crossed for the Spanish visa!
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I think your fears might be well founded. When UKBA refused her original application they stamped the reference relating to the Refusal of Entry on a page in her passport. This was then picked up by the Spanish Embassy who started asking WHY were you refused?? and wanted a letter from the UK stating why. I felt this was a dangerous road to go down at that stage so recommended that they just be informed that a Formal Complaint had been lodged against the decision. When the Visa was issued last Friday it was stuck in her passport on a new page with the Refusal stamp still unaltered and uncommented on on its original page. Hence my concerns about what will happen when she actually arrives in the UK. As for the Spanish here we are on Tuesday after their offices have shut and still no word. Now she is faced with an astronomic air fare if she does get a visa before Friday - and must come via the UK as the Spanish Embassy will only grant a Visa for the time in Spain - so much for free access within Schengen - and any visit to Spain must have travel insurance (only from their "bona fide" insurers list - which excludes the Prudential with whom she has more than adeqate travel insurance, and who they refused to accept) which runs for 15 days beyond the date of leaving Spain. So her idea of flying direct to Spain, then to the UK and back to Spain at the end of her trip to fly home falls foul of the +15 day rule. Just her luck to be involved with probably the two worst visa offices she could have picked. She has yet to have any written response from the UKBA to any of her communications and she will today fire off another request for clarification, if not an apology. I will keep you informed!
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi again Charlotte


Can I update you on this situation and ask a supplementary question please

Happy new year! Thank you for contacting me again, I am sorry to hear this is still not resolved.

I will be happy to answer any further questions, however considerable time has been spent and advice given for the basic fee given at the start and so before I answer any further questions, I would be grateful if you could pay some further fees for the time spent so far.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

CharlotteSJ and other UK Immigration Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
That I will gladly do Charlotte. I also recommended you to a friend of a friend of a friend as they specifically wanted a female immigration lawyer. I know they have been trying to find out when you are on line so I will let them know you are around again
Thank you. I get an email whenever someone requests me specifically and so if you can ask them to make sure they direct their question at me that would be appreciated, otherwise they tend to get snapped up very quickly and a lot of experts give quite brief answers.

I believe there is a way to request a specific expert as that way I will be notified but if not, if they put at the start of the question that they want it to be answered by CharlotteSJ then that will ensure that I get to answer.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I have now topped up my account so am ready to ask you a supplementary to our previous discussions - how do we work the payment side of it?
You may be able to do it by way of a bonus, I'm not 100% sure how it works as I can't see the same screens that you do!

I think if you accept one of my answers above, I would then get the fee for that question and you can then opt to pay a bonus of whatever you wanted.

In the meantime, what has happened and how has she still not got her visa?! What have the Embassy been doing for the past 4 months?!

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I'll pick up on that and continue. She got her visa, but with the rejection in it and despite seven letters of complaint she never received a response or an apology. She has been to the UK twice since then but has to carry all her original paperwork with her in case an IO decides to pick up on her rejection stamp.


On my other topic my recommendation has spent the last three hours trying to get to you - having eventually managed to get onto the UK page she keeps getting snaffled by a guy called INC. This is despite starting her question For CharlotteSJ, for Charlotte SJ and in the supplementary saying "I only want to deal with CharlotteSJ". Whatever she tries she cannot get past INC - thinking she could if she clicked continue he now has £46 of her money sitting on deposit whilst she waits for him to respond. When he does he will be told AGAIN that he is NOT CharlotteSJ and he won't be paid as she only wants to deal with you.

I feel that you need to get Justanswer to sort out this sort of carpet bagging as you are being deprived of potential business brought on through my recommendations

At least she got one in the end, I thought for one frightful minute that she was still trying to come! Unfortunately, she may have to put this down to a bad experience as if they have not responded by now, they may well not do as they did eventually grant her the visa. If she wants to continue the complaint, she could refer it to the Parliamentary Ombudsman and see what happens but you usually have to do this within 3 months of the problem and she may be past that time limit by now.

I have now managed to answer her question, sorry, I've been in and out of appointments all day and so have only just seen her question as when another expert answers the question, it removes it from the list which is probably why I have not seen it. With your permission, I will reproduce the last paragraph of your last post and send it JA admin team for their consideration. Has he answered her question then? If so, I would be interested to see his answer.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I just checked with the recommendation and I believe that you managed to pick up the question and give her a first answer. I understand that she will be asking supplementaries as more has come to light since she drew up her original letter
That's fine, I'm happy to answer any other questions she may have.

She has now actually directed her question to me rather than just writing it's for me in the body of her question so I don't think this one went into the main list as the previous ones did.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

With regard to my original questions, particuarly regarding payment - I think the easiest way will be for me to pay you an equivalent fee by way of bonus at the conclusion of this phase of questions as I am concerned that if I break the link I will have problems getting back to you.


I was so impressed with the fortitude of the lady in question and the way she handled all her aggravations that admiration led to a romance and, whilst in the UK, I proposed and was acepted. I checked out the situation with a designated Registry Office and, having viewed her visa, was told that there had been a change in the visa requirements in May concerning marriage and there was no problem with us marrying so a Notice of Marriage application was made there and then and duly issued on the expiration of the waiting time. On the second visit in late November we were married and then returned to her home at the end of her visit and I now go back and forth to the UK as my business dictates.

Her business visa expires in March, although no further visits are planned between now and then, but I now need to know as to what is her position regarding a visa for future UK visits - should she continue to apply for a business visa or is there another way now that we are married. There is no question of us coming to live in the UK and I will shortly take up permanent residence with her and will only come back to the UK a couple of times a year for family visits and to follow up on her business which I am becoming more involved in. As for me I currently continue to come and go on a twelve month business visa with maximum stays of up to 60 days on each visi,t which necessitates me being out of the country for a couple of days every two months.

I'm very pleased to hear of your new romance and would be happy to advise you further but as this is basically a new question, for the sake of completeness, I would be grateful if you could accept one of the above answers and pay for the previous questions before we start with this new line of questions. As happened when you accepted one of the initial answers above, the link remains open and you can continue to ask as many further questions as you wish.

Many thanks

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Charlotte I am confused - When I last wrote I asked if you would be able to pick up the questions contained in the note below and you said Yes - but since then I ha ve heard nothing from you and the payment I lodged seems to have been taken against that reply i.e. you saying Yes!!


I was so impressed with the fortitude of the lady in question and the way she handled all her aggravations that admiration led to a romance and, whilst in the UK, I proposed and was acepted. I checked out the situation with a designated Registry Office and, having viewed her visa, was told that there had been a change in the visa requirements in May concerning marriage and there was no problem with us marrying so a Notice of Marriage application was made there and then and duly issued on the expiration of the waiting time. On the second visit in late November we were married and then returned to her home at the end of her visit and I now go back and forth to the UK as my business dictates.



Her business visa expires in March, although no further visits are planned between now and then, but I now need to know as to what is her position regarding a visa for future UK visits - should she continue to apply for a business visa or is there another way now that we are married. There is no question of us coming to live in the UK and I will shortly take up permanent residence with her and will only come back to the UK a couple of times a year for family visits and to follow up on her business which I am becoming more involved in. As for me I currently continue to come and go on a twelve month business visa with maximum stays of up to 60 days on each visi,t which necessitates me being out of the country for a couple of days every two months.

So sorry for the delay in responding.

She can get a visa as a family visitor rather than having to get a business visit visa and this should be easier to get than a business visa. She just needs to prove that she is visiting family (ie, your family); that she intends to return at the end of her visit and has sufficient funds and accommodation available to her for her visit. If you are going to be staying with your family for the duration of the visit, just get letters from them 'inviting' you both to come and see them. Provide evidence of their accommodation and your own bank statements and wage slips to show you can afford to pay for yourselves and lastly, evidence of your ties abroad so that the HO will be satisfied that you intend to return at the end of your visit.

It is possible to get multi visit visas that are valid for 5 or 10 years (each time only staying for a maximum of 6 months) and so this is something that you could also think about but she will need to have a good immigration history or leaving within her allotted time to get this.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thank you - as I am still in the process of becoming a UK non-resident I think maybe we will have to go down the Business Visa route for the next one. WIth a track record of two business visits and a potential high profile UK customer in the offing I would hope that it will not be as difficult as last time! Once we have that one out of the way and everything else sorted then, hopefully, there should be no problem for an ongoing 10 year family visa.