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my girlfriend was refused visa to visit me because.....

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my girlfriend was refused visa to visit me because she doesn't get wage slips to show she works. She gets paid in cash and she deposits the cash on the 1st or 2nd of every month and it clearly shows on her bank statements for the past 6months. Although she didn't narrate this to them in the application form. Also the ECO said she didn't show family ties in Nigeria to convince them that she will come back, please what does this mean and how can we solve it. she is looking to re-apply next week. I am a British citizen and she will get her stay when we get married so I don't see any reason why I would want to jeopardise that by letting her stay permanently on a visitor's visa. How do we convince them and how do we package the new application? I am paying half of her ticket fare and she will be staying with me whilst here, i sent proofs of all these(bank statements, tenancy agreements etc).

What family ties does she actually have in Nigeria?

Kind regards

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Her father and mother lives there with a younger brother and sister. Her father retired and currently a pensioner from an oil company and her mother is a wife/clergy. The ECO comment is quoted below.....

"you state that you are a legal practioner and earn 70,000N (£273)per month. I am nit satisfied that you have provided evidence to substantiate these claims. you have failed to provide evidence of your income e.g payslips. i notice that the bank statement you have provided does not indicate a salary being deposited each month. I recognise your boyfriend/sponsor proposes to bear a proportion of the cost of your visit however i must take into account your personal and economic circumstances when coming to my decision. You have also failed to provide evidence of close family social and economic ties in Nigeria. Therefore on the balance of probabilities, i am not satisfied that you are genuinely seeking entry as a visitor for a limited period not exceeding 6 months or that you intend to leave the UK at the end of your visit. I've therefore refused your application because i am not satisfied on the balance of probabilities that you meet all the requirements of the relevant paragraph of the UK immigration rules."

We are looking to re-apply in 2weeks so as to be in time for the purpose of her visit in August and that is why am seeking legal advice. Expecting your reply.
Many thanks



Thanks for your reply.


There are two issues

  • 1) Her pay as income. She needs to execute a statement regarding how she is paid her money. One can't expect the ECO to assume that she is paid if there is no explanation. She needs to detail who she works for , how she is paid and how she pays this in to her account. She needs to refer to the deposits in her bank statement in her statement so that the ECO can trace the pattern of deposits and that this accord with the stated intervals of pay.


She also needs to ask her employer to provide her with a letter which corroborates how she says she is paid.


If she has any certification of her qualifications for her being a legal practicioner then these also need to be submitted.


  • 2) The family ties. In her statement she needs to provide details of the family members that she has in Nigeria and explain that there are important to her because they all support each other. They should provide statements to her explaining the position and also evidence of their identities.


It's not just the family ties, it can be other financial obligations which would compel her to return. You have to try and show them that she has continuing obligations in Nigeria which will continue after the visit and therefore convince them that her is not a risk of overstay. Things like a letter from her employer stating he has a job (include with the letter referre to above) and is expected to return to continue that job, return flight tickets, evidence of continuing accommodation (eg. tenancy agreement of evidence of ownership of a property).


You should also explain that you are aware that any kind of overstay or (more importantly) any suggestion of deception would put your plans for permanent settlement in serious jeopardy and that there is not question that you would ever put that at risk.



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I will answer your follow up questions you may have.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks for your reply. What does the ECO mean by family social and economic ties? Also is it of any use that the father write a letter addressed to the ECO stating her duties in the household and also including his own bank statements to prove that his daughter is not coming to the UK just for the purpose of fending for the family? Because her father earns more than enough pension than most full-time employed people. Finally, can she still use the same documents we used 2weeks ago for the previous application or do i have to print a new bank statement of myself and post to her?She currently has the statement i printed 3weeks ago, is that still valid for the new application?
Waiting for your reply
Family and social ties basically means that they are unconvinced that she has sufficiently strong personal reasons for returning to Nigeria - that she has a pre-existing life (job, family, education etc)v in Nigeria which compels her to return.

She has to provide the evidence I have referred to above. She can provide statements from others but the bank statements of those person are not going to be of particular relevance unless she has sole or joint access to the account.

You can use the historic bank statements and supplement them with any new ones recently issued.

I trust this clarifies, if so please click accept.

Kind regards,

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
she is due to re-apply at the end of the week and we are contemplating including her cousins over here in England as people she might also be visiting whilst here. We didnt include them in the first application but we got a suggestion to include them as blood relatives. Does that give any kind of advantage? Waiting for an urgent reply.

I can't see that it would give any advantage really. The issues are as above, another reason to visit the UK (ie. to see her cousins) would not address these issues in any meaningful way as far as I can see.


Kind regards,


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Basically what someone advised me was that if she had put a blood relative in the first place, she would have been given a full appeal if refused rather than partial appeal. Is this true

That may have help marginally at the start, but they know that you are her boyfriend so they will say that any application that she makes to visit them is just a front for actual intention to visit you I'm afriad.

Kind regards,

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

thanks for previous help in the past. My Girlfriend was finally given her visitor's visa and has since visited twice.
We are getting married in Nigeria on the 30th of December and will be applying for her settlement visa straightaway. I've seen all the requirements but very confused in terms of the funds aspect. I am presently in full-time employment and earn enough monthly. I don't have more than £50 left in my account but there is steady money coming in monthly. Must I have large funds showing as balance before our application can be successful?
Also the BHC in Nigeria already have details of my employment because I sent it to them in the earlier visitor's visa application for her. Pls help.





Please submit a further question to the board if you wish for me to provide you with specific guidance on making a spouse visa application.

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KInd regards,