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I invited my mother in law from Mongolia to UK, i m self-employed,

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I invited my mother in law from Mongolia to UK, i m self-employed, and we have 9 month old son. i and my son are British citizens, my wife Mongolian.. but the application is refused, my mother in laws purpose of visit was to meet us, because i have not meet her before, and she wants to see her new grandson, and she have not been in UK before, by this chance we would like to show UK, our life style, London, and attraction places. we provided all documents and statement of my company, we would pay all expenses for her.she is going back to mongolia. but once contacted with me and asked some questions, they asked me her purpose to visit, i said i have not meet her before, she is coming to meet us and to see her grandson. but the refusal reason was , she is coming to look after her grandson, as childminder. but i did not say she come here to look after my son. she was so happy to see us, preparing to this visit too long. but UKBA let me down.

can u help me to write complaint letter to UKBA. thank u.


Thanks for your question.

To enable me to answer your question could you please respond to the following:-

  • 1. Do you wish for me to help you write a letter, or
  • 2. Do you wish for me to advise you on the matters to include in a new application for visitor's visa for your mother

Kind regards.


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
yes, please, help me to write a complaint letter to ukba, i think we could do complaint letter to ukba in Bejing. what u think , first step is complain, they could review on their decition, thanks
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
yes, could u give some advices on the matters to inclide a re-apply. thanks


Sorry for the delay in replying, I'm afraid I was out of the office all day yesterday.

Simply writing to the UKBA will not get them to review their decision.

You can ask for an adminstrative review of your documentation citing a specific document that you wish for them to re-check if you consider that they simply ommitted to consider it OR misinterpreted it.

Usually though the better way of moving forward is to submit a fresh application with all the documents you submitted before and any further ones required to remedy their stated defect.

If they suspect that she is actually here to work and stay permanently then this is what you should specifically address in the new application.

You have to try and show them that she has continuing obligations in Mongolia
which will continue after the visit and therefore convince them that she is not a risk of overstay. Things like a letterfrom her employer stating she has a job (if she does) and is expected to return to continue that job, return flight tickets, evidence of continuing accommodation (eg. tenancy agreement of evidence of ownership of a property, bank statements showing the money she has available.

She will have to execute a statemnet saying that the only purpose of the visit is that she can temporaily see her grandson and although she will be spending significant time with him this is in no way work and is simply are visit from a grandmother to her grandson.

You should also see local solicitor to draft you a sworn statement in which you say that no permanent stay is intended, that you will cover any inforeseen costs of accomodating and supporting her which are not factored in to the money she has herself and that she is simply here to see her grandchild.

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I will answer your follow up questions you may have.

Kind regards,


Thomas and other UK Immigration Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

thank u, i have more quiestions, yes i d like to make an administrative review, but my mum is now in germany visiting her one daughter for 2 months. actually, when she apllied for uk visa she had germany visa, she committed them , she is going first to see germany,than to visit us in uk, now we wondering how is succesful when she is in germany to ask an administrative review, becuase she had planned for this trip , to visit germany and uk, come back to mongolia, my mother now 62 years old, she can not do many times go there back to mongolia, and, go here. she has children in abroad, and understand their immigration rule, does not want do any trouble. but does not undertsand that, their refused her to see her family.............

other thing is , in decition paper is writing she has a right to appeal in 28 days, but they did not give any appeal form and guidence,

now i m going to complain about my interview, that missunderting ukba, and mother going to make administrative review, how is it ok? please, advice me, thank u.


Thanks for your accept.

Your mother is the applicant so she would be the one who would ask for the adminstrative review. This must be based on a particular document.

If you wish for a judge to look at the matter and your concern is that the UKBA have refused based on a incorrect belief that she will work then an appeal is probably more appropriate.

Again though - usually a new application is the quickest and cheapest way to secure your mother's visa here. Particulaly with visitor's visas.

Kind regards,

Thomas and other UK Immigration Law Specialists are ready to help you

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