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My father was born in UK and I have applied for passports for

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My father was born in UK and I have applied for passports for my son and I. We were both born in Canada but since my father was born in the UK I qualify but was told my son does not. Is there anyway someone can assist me and my son in fast tracking his application again?
My family history in the UK goes back to my great great grandparents.
How old is your son? Where do you live and where do you pal to live?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
He is 24, I line in canada and my son plans to live in UK and train and skate for the UK in short track speedskating. The director of Speed Skating Mr. Horsepool has already confirmed he would be on the team with accomindations and living expenses being covered.
Thanks for the response. I am afraid the advice that you have been given is correct - your son has no right to UK citizenship. It can only pass by descent one generation - he could only get UK citizenship as of right if he was born here.

the only basis upon which he could come to the UK is with an ancestry based visa which would allow him to live and work here provided he could meet the requirements - see here:

But he would have to obtain settlement before he could apply to be naturalised in the UK . There is no other way I am afraid.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
how long is the period for naturalisation. Is there a fast track to get a passport in a year if he does this. Can he come to your office to discuss this week as he is in Nederlands right now?
I am afraid that because you were not born here, your son does not have the "right of abode" so there is no fast track and the only way he could get a passport in a year would be to use political influence. Going the normal route takes 5 years to get settlement. Sorry but there it is. I am not able to deal with clients out side of the website I am afraid.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Can you reccommend a contact in the greater london area.

Phone # XXXXX address

What ould be the political influence he may require?

I would imagine a political lobbyist with access to a sports minister. Frankly in the current climate I think you are wasting your time but if you want to speak to a specialist immigration lawyer try someone like this I cannot make a particular recommendation I am afraid.
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