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Category: UK Immigration Law
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Dear expert, I have reason to believe that my wife. a filipina

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Dear expert, I have reason to believe that my wife. a filipina immigrant age 35 has a form of autism which, over a period of 5 years has devastated our marriage. Should her condition (high functionASD?) have been declared on visa application forms? i.e. UK spouse visa/ FLR visa and finally ILR visa. ILR was refused first time because of her 13mths absence. She has disappeared without trace on 3 occasions without explanation or reason for periods of 13 mths/4mths 1 week/ and at the moment has been away 8 mths. A total of well over 2 yrs. Her 'in house' behaviour is classic,virtually no communication,will not start conversations , all tenderness, concern, money, cards, gifts, and loving gestures are all one way only, nothing comes back. rigid routines etc. .. to me, a nightmare. I do realise that she MAY not be aware of her condition. Her attitude is "I do what I like" Please advise. Sincerely, XXXXX XXXXX Bob.
Hi - Does she now have ILR? Claire
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes granted May 2010 after long interviews at Sheffield Border agency.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes Claire, thankyou for your response. granted May 2010 after long interviews at Sheffield Border agency... it seems ..job done! I believe she is in breach of terms and conditions and spirit under which the visas are given, and there's a wrong there that should be put right. i.e. deported. It seems in hindsight that I was used to gain entry into UK to find job and get money to be spent in Philippines, because that is precisely what she did. She has cost me £11,000 in total and has contributed not one peso. It has taken me all of this time to realise her objective and her condition. Blamed cultural differences, language misunderstandings, settling in difficulties, and my own ignorance. I have been too tolerant. Very similar case in Daily Express Sept.'07 Maurice Baldachino (71) and Vietnamese bride (32) she was 'angel' in Vietnam and 'Kungfu Devil' quote, on arrival in UK. and I'm sure there are more. She disappeared.. my wife had tantrums occasionally and could be violent and aggressive if her behaviour was questioned...Bob now 78.
Hi - I am afraid that this is not an unusual situation and other than starting divorce proceedings there is no other option available to you. If she is Autistic (which I suspect she is not - rather that this is deliberate behaviour)then unless she had been diagnosed she could not have declared it. Claire
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