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Andrew, Barrister
Category: UK Immigration Law
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my name is XXXXX XXXXX entered uk last year as an international

Customer Question

my name is XXXXX XXXXX entered uk last year as an international student from pakistan in march 2010. i am a disabled person with a complex medical history. had lymphoedema in my right leg and later on i developed complex abnormalities in my aorta which lead to paraplegia which affected my lower body and for 6 months i was on wheel chair . this happened to me when i was in pakistan. i recovered partially with some movemnts of my legs were restored but stil i can't walk properly. in course of this paraplegia attack that i suffered i developed disturbing and sexual abnormalities as well. i found out that i am physically impotent now and can't ejaculate. Time went on and i came to uk for studies and i would mention here that apart from my studies i also wanted to be here because i knew after some time i will be forced to marry (i am engaged with my cousin since i was 7 years old) which i can't( because of my impotency) and i can't tell any one why i dont want to marry. I fear for my life because me rejecting their girl they wil get offended and i fear persecution fromm their hand as i am already being threatened. i live a very hard life and i am personally a very weak person hardly can look after my self and faced a lot of humility already when i was in pakistan. My doctors know my condition and my nurse has already told me any injury caused by a mosquito or a parasite can easily cause my death. Is there any help that i can get from this country i feel really very depressed as i know whats waiting for me in my home at pakistan . my father is a very person so am i and i even dont have any brother neither any one to help me in this cause. Please help me.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: UK Immigration Law
Expert:  Andrew replied 6 years ago.

Andrew :

Hello Mohsin,

Andrew :

You need to get legal advice from a solicitor. You ought to make an application prior to your current visa expiring so that any negative decision on your application can be appealed to an independent tribunal. There would seem to be human rights arguments that could be raised as to why you should not have to return to Pakistan.


what r my chances?