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My partner was an assylum seeker with a house provided to him

Resolved Question:

My partner was an assylum seeker with a house provided to him from council but he moved in with a woman and once it was known they removed him from the assylum list took his house, no decision had ever been made and he had not had his hearing. The relationship broke down and from them he has been living in limbo staying with friend to friend, he has been here for 9 years and in this limbo state for 4years. He and I have a daughter 13 months old, I have 5 other kids from a previous 16 year marriage and I feel the strain of this relationship is about to cost me my 14 year old son so i want to end my relationship.
Him and I aside i do not want my daughter to lose her dad she is a bonifide daddys girl who eats and sleeps and follows him everywhere, he has practically done everything for her since she was born and they are so close but i need to put my other kids first and i want him to leave i dont love him ive tried but i dont.
I thought it might help him if i give him custody our daughter. so if i put him out with my daughter and he becomes homeless with her. where should i send him ? who would legally have to help him ? if i say i cant cope with my daughter and she needs to be with him would they take her into care ? I need to know the full consequences of what i am going to do cos i want to help him stay but i need my daughter to see me everyday.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: UK Immigration Law
Expert:  Clare replied 6 years ago.
Hi - This would be a high risk option. As an illegal overstayer your partner has no claim on public resources and there for does not have to be rehoused by the local authority even if he has a child. If he seeks assistance then it is likely that he, and the child if necessary, will be sent to a holding centre while his case is considered by the Border Agency. This may well impact on your ability to see your child every day. Claire
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