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Thomas, Solicitor
Category: UK Immigration Law
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I am an American refused entry into the UK to visit my Briti

Customer Question

I am an American refused entry into the UK to visit my British boyfriend because 1) I used "deception" to enter the UK last time. On my landing card, wrote I'd stay for a month but stayed for 6 months (genuinely had tenuous travel plans). 2) Was employed during that time as an unpaid magazine intern and also bartender 3) Was only back in the US for 5 months before entering the UK again in Nov 2010 (with solid plans to stay for only 2 weeks). The officer made clear that I had not received any 1 year ban from the UK, and recommended that I should apply for a Visitor's Visa next time. I am currently in that process now online.

I am concerned because I work as a freelance photographer and part-time under-the-table waitress in NY, however have more than sufficient funds to travel (bank statements to prove savings), and a lease on an apartment in the US. I only want to visit my boyfriend in London for 2 weeks in the Spring. How should I go about applying for the visitor visa: should I explain my recent refusal from my perspective? What documents should I provide (sponsorship declaration from a UK solicitor?)? What happens if they refuse me the visa?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: UK Immigration Law
Expert:  Thomas replied 6 years ago.



Did you leave before the expiry of 6 months from the date of your original visit?


Upon arriving for your original visit how long was the visitor's visa granted for?


Did immigration officials become aware of your having worked during your original visit?


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hi Tom,

Thank you for your prompt reply. Upon graduating university in Dec 2010 (I was 21), I entered into the UK with tenuous plans to travel around Europe, beginning and ending in London (I had return tickets). On my landing card, I said I'd be in London for 1 month (but I would return within the 6 months, I told the officer). The officer told me I had to leave the UK after 1 month, but confusingly hand-wrote on my passport "HXR 13585 -six months-". After 1 month in the UK, I decided I wanted to stay longer, and was convinced I was granted 6 month tourist visa for the UK. About 4 months into my UK stay, I went to France for 5 days and returned without problem into the UK. I made sure to leave the UK for the USA within 6 months; I arrived in Dec 10, I left in mid-June. So yes, i did leave within the 6 months, and I am not sure how long my visitor's visa was granted for.

I returned to the UK in November 2010 to visit my boyfriend. I caused suspicion when the officer had saw that I was in the UK in June, had previously stayed for 6 months. They searched me and discovered my personal diary, which had accounts of me working in the UK. They weren't serious jobs -- an unpaid internship, a non-profit supper club, but it was still grave. They photocopied diary entries. They dug up my previous landing card from December 2010, which stated I'd only be in the UK for a month but did not let me explain how genuinely confused I was by what type of visa I had. "You have with you, your own written evidence, which clearly reveals that you had employed deception to gain entry into the UK on your previous visit and that you knew you were in breach of Immigration rules by working during your last visit" is one of the official reasons they gave me.

I must reiterate that the officer made clear that I was lucky that I wasn't banned from the UK despite my record, and that I could technically apply for a visitor's visa as soon as I got back to the US. I just fear that I'll most likely be denied. How should I approach this daunting application process with this Scarlet Letter?

Thank you,


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
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