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Alex J.
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HI I am a british citizen and have been living in spain for

Customer Question

I am a british citizen and have been living in spain for 10 yrs, i married a belgian man 3 yrs ago , in gibralter registry office, he was living in spain for 10yrs too.
we now want to live in the uk near my family , we have our own funds, so therefore dont need to work or claim off the uk state.
can we rent a place for 6-12 mnths , while we are looking for a property to buy?
what do i need to do reagarding my self, giving up my residency in spain?
will my husband automatically become a resident? will I ?
my husband , can he recieve NHS medical care? can i ?
do i have to apply for my husband to be a Uk citizen?
what is the procedure i need to do?

Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: UK Immigration Law
Expert:  Alex J. replied 6 years ago.

Under EU principals there is a general free movement of persons.

If your husband is Belgian then he is entitled to come to the UK, live, work, reside, pay tax, claim benefit etc.

There is no real procedure other to follow administrative requirements of whatever council or constituency you end up living in, as long as he enters the country legally on an EU passport.

As for giving up your residency in Spain that would be a question for Spanish Lawyers.

Kind regards


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