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hello, im on my spouse visa which is for 2 years until i apply

Customer Question

hello, im on my spouse visa which is for 2 years until i apply for the next visa which is remain in uk, but i have a problem, in my country we have an id and when i applied for my passeport they made a mistake about one letter which is instead of putting U they put H and i never notice that ,when i applied for my visa they did write my name the same like my passeport , and when i came here , when i seen that problem i stick with the letter in the passport and the visa , so i want to ask is it a big problem and how i should fix it , and what the home office they will say about that , and what if it will cause me a big problem
thank you.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: UK Immigration Law
Expert:  Thomas replied 6 years ago.



You will have to see a solicitor and ask that they prepare a statutory declaration stating the position as you have explained above and confirming what your actual name should be and that you are swearing the stat dec with a view to obtaining an amended passport with the correct name.


You then take this to the Moroccan Embassy and ask that they provide you with the relevant forms and procedures for obtaining an amended passport. Once you have this, you will need to write to the UKBA enclosing the passport (send by Royal Mail special delivery), the statutory declaration and a covering letter explaining the position.


You may have difficulties with the UKBA if they consider that they oversight speaks to a dishonesty or some form of fraud, you will therefore have to convince them that the oversight is one of honest and genuine mistake. If they accept that it was an honest mistake then it will not affect your immigration status and the spouses visa will be transferred to your new passport and you will be unaffected.


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