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Hi, could anyone give the best advice on getting my husband

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could anyone give the best advice on getting my husband here on a spouse visa..
i am 45 and he is 51 he has a 16 yr old son who would also need permission to enter and remain in the uk. my husband is egyptian , but has spent the last 14+ years working overseas in the US and Cananda although he is not a citizen of either country.
he has visited the UK before back in 1996 when he attended a course in Glasgow for 6 months..
He is a teacher by profession , although is not currently working in Egypt as hes caring for his sick mum.
I am currently working part time and receive tax credits.. I am currently looking for full time hours either in my current job or other as i know this will be required by uk immigration.
how do we prove that we intend to stay married and live together here in the uk an what other info will they ask for ?
I dont own my own house but am in private rental accomodation, i can get copies of bank statements etc although as a single mum with no maintenance i have struggled to be in credit sometimes
please help


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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Hello Francine,

Yes I would still like to have advice fron one of the experts here ..


I appreciate your help




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I assume you have read the following eligibility criteria for a spouses visa:-


You must show that:

  • you are legally married to each other or are in a civil partnership recognised in the UK
  • your husband, wife or civil partner is present and settled in the UK (see the next section)
  • you both intend to live together permanently as husband and wife or as civil partners
  • you have met each other before
  • you can support yourselves and any dependants without any help from public funds
  • you have suitable accommodation, which is owned or lived in only by you and your household, and where you and your dependants can live without any help from public funds
  • your husband, wife or civil partner is not under 21, and
  • you are not under 21 at the date of arrival in the UK .

From 29 November 2010, you must show that you can speak and understand English, details here:-


You would prove your marriage by your marriage certificate obviously and then prove that you intend to stay married by your respective witness statements and possibly that of the child and also evidence of correspondence during the course of your marriage (eg. emails text messages etc). You have to build up a picture of a genuine relationship so things like travel details (flight tickets, hotel receipts etc) will help here.


Similarly you would prove that you intend to live together by showing that you have accommodation, eg copy tenancy agreement, and refer to the same in your witness statement.


You should also provide evidence of your income and job adverts for positions in your area which your husband could do once he is here.


In the final analysis if your application is rejected for insufficient information then you can always appeal and have a much fairer hearing in front of a judge who actually knows the law rather than a UKBA immigration official and you will also be able to produce additional evidence.



If this has been useful please kindly click accept so that I may be rewarded for my efforts. It will be gratefully received and you will be free to ask follow up questions.

Kind regards,


Thomas, Solicitor
Satisfied Customers: 7617
Experience: BA (Hons), PgDip, Practising Solicitor
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