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Clare, Solicitor
Category: UK Immigration Law
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Hello! My friend from Melbourne Australia, Miss Doris Tackie,

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Hello! My friend from Melbourne Australia, Miss Doris Tackie, was visiting her ex- Nanny
In Accra Ghana. She now finds it dificult to leave? To come to The Uk. To visit & stay with me. XXXXX XXXXX. From South Shields, Tyne & Wear. England. I am a British National & was born & bread in The Uk.
I sent money over for her flight! But? Now her contact a Mr John Carl, fom Accra Ghana. Is stating that she requires £4,000 to be allowed to leave Ghana. & For me to send the money over? It smells of a scam! But I am very concerned about Doris!
I Have been emailed an Document from Ghana Immigration Services, with Ref numbers
a D.P.Code BH 476768870090. Act Ref No(NNN) NNN-NNNNC
I.M. Name Doris Takie. Date 25/122010 With the Immigration Board Law in 1992
And that annyone traveling to the United States (Which she is not) must have an amount of at least £4,000 depending on the distance of one's destination.
If Doris was from Ghana I could understand such applications!
But she is an Australian National, who was just visiting Ghana. Then travelling on to The Uk!
I am very very worried & concerned! Could you please please!
Help with any information! I am so distraught! I Just don't know what to do?
Many thaks! As I am so worried for my friend!
Hi - I am sorry but this is a not uncommon scam and she does not require this sum. If she is having difficulties then she shoudl, of course, contact her embassy. Claire
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