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i have a friend who has been married to an over - stayer, she

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i have a friend who has been married to an over - stayer, she didn't know he was an over stayer( he a relative of her uncle who is also his sponsor) she was told that he had chosen to marry her after he saw her at a cousin's wedding. my friend was told by her family that he was on a long visa stay and she had no worries, they have been married for only 4 months and they have not had the English marriage ONLY the Islamic marriage. since my friend found out the truth she is worried what this will mine for her, we have read that people who are involved with over stayers go to jail, my friend works at local school as a teaching assistant and has never been in trouble, she is very scared and worried and can't say anything to her family as they arranged this marriage. the man was living in Coventry and had been working up until the wedding we don't know when his visa ran out as he would not say. my friend in her own apartment with him in London(Stepney). my friend and the man are going to Bangladesh on 12th December 2010, this was arranged by her uncle ( mum brother) before her marriage and she and I are scared what will happen there. please can someone help us as quick as possible as we don't know how to stop this trip. she does want to divorce him.
Hi - Does she wish to stay in this marriage? Claire
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
yes but accoding to Islamic law she has to stay married for at least 1 year we think. But at the moment her biggest worry is going to bangladesh and getting stoppped at the immigration office at the airport because of him. we have read that any over stayers can be banned from coming in London and wanted how much of this is true and can we have him banned until sha can get a divorce.
here is my friend's mobile number XXXXXXXXXXX she can explain more, her name is Shahenara
hi - Could you just clarify please = does she want to stay married to him or not? Claire
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
no she doesn't. but she know he woun't sign the islamic divorce and for her to get that she will have to involve her family which she doesn't want to as they will be against it and not back her up.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
yes she does.
Hi - Please can you be clear as the answer is different if she wants to stay married than if she does not and so far you have said both no she deosn't and yes she does - which is it? Claire
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
yes shev dose want to get divorce.
Hi - There has been recent legislation designed specifically to help people in your friends position. She should contact the Forced Marriages Unit - details here They can help her even though the Islamic marriage has taken place and they will not think badly of her at all. Please please contact them - they are best placed to assist her. Claire
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