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Category: UK Immigration Law
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I was deported from a uk territory recently when i arrived

Customer Question

I was deported from a uk territory recently when i arrived at the airport they denied me entry they were saying i was a felon as well as another person.. During questioning I told them NO way i did not do it and it wasnt me ...i submitted to fingerprints etc ... the paperwork they were looking clearly showed myself... ... as well as another man ...I told them it was not me and i did not know the other man .they did not want to hear it and put me on a plane ...In this uk territory i own a home and business ...Now i am out of business and home and stuck in the US ....the results of the prints came back and showed i wasnt the other man as well as i was able to prove thru the US authorities that the felony charges belonged to the other man ....Still i sit and wait ...
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: UK Immigration Law
Expert:  Fran-mod replied 6 years ago.


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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Hi and yes i need my answer

As I said i was wrongfully deported ....They accused me of being another person whom was a felon ....when i arrived in cayman they took me to a detention room and questioned me i told them it wasnt me and gave fingerprints mug shot etc ...

the next day i was deported ..

The prints came back that it wasnt me ...and i was not a felon .....its been 2 months and they still havent cleared me to land

I live in cayman and they deported me to The US .....

when they stopped me from entering cayman they did not tell me why ....

they held me in a little room

they also failed to tell me i could appeal

they paraded me around the airport like an animal

they denied my work permit

i dont feel safe in the states they are ignoring the local lawyer i hired

Expert:  Fran-mod replied 6 years ago.


I’ll try to find an Expert to assist you. That said, however, questions involving multiple countries/territories are complex, and this may be too difficult for a forum such as ours.

You placed this in UK Law, but you indicate that you are presently in the US. Unless you disagree, I'd like to open this question up to US Immigration experts also. I think given you are in the States, yours may be a matter they could sort out easier than could our UK legal experts.

Please let me know if that would have any problem with that.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.


I am a US citizen ...and cayman is a british territory ...the laws for the most part come from the UK except some local ordinances ...I believe immigration issues are governed by britian for the most part .....also all the attys in cayman and the judges were educated in the uk ...for the most part .....

Expert:  Fran-mod replied 6 years ago.

Experts tell me that yours may not be a UK Immigration question either, because it depends on whether Cayman Islands may or may not use the UK authorities as their border control agents. They think you may have to sue in the Cayman Islands under their law tin order to clear your name.

It appears that you are already doing that. You are welcome to keep this post open to see if someone has an alternative solution for you, but I am not very optimistic.

Let me know if you would prefer me to close this question. You could leave your deposit with us in your JustAnswer account to be credited against a future question or have me refund it.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Hi from what i have been reading that security issues come under the authority of the governor whom is appointed by the queen .they are supposed to follow uk rules in these matters . I have been getting my name cleared there is just excessive delay letting me land there again .if they had just said sorry I wouldnt be here ..

.The states have nothing to do with this except for providing the false info that they relied upon .....( i wonder who they got there info from My govt(US) knows i am not a felon .....I have a passport and vote ...

I may end up in the cayman courts if they keep delaying ....if i loose i appeal to the uk courts the end of the day the queen is the boss.. cayman is a territory of the uk

My 2ed biggest complaint was with the manner i was deported...

#1 they did not follow the deportation rules (International and uk standards) was obviously not me in the record they were reading did have the other mans name, dob, ssi # XXXXX etc ....anyone could see the info was flawed but they were blind to it ....when being questioned while detained i may add.... they asked me all kinds of questions

I insisted that it wasnt me....they were also aware that it wasnt me because i heard them sayingto easc other " how can it be him if the other man is in jail" .

#2 they refused to tell me why i was being deported

#3 they did not tell me i could appeal

#4 I dont view the US as safe... .that is why i moved to cayman ..and i had no where to go once in the states ....


Expert:  Fran-mod replied 6 years ago.

I understand the nature and scope of the problem. I have alerted all UK experts of this post.


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