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Paul Richmond
Paul Richmond, Barrister
Category: UK Immigration Law
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Experience:  LL.B (Hons) (First Class), LL.M (Distinction), Immigration Barrister (12 years)
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My daugter is an Australian with a UK Tier 5 Holiday working

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My daugter is an Australian with a UK Tier 5 Holiday working visa issued in Australia. She will be travelling to London early December. She has been offered a position as an Aupair with a family near London.

The family's lawyer has requested 2000 pound to be submitted to the host family to then go on to the British High Commission. As stated in the contract it is a new immigrant ruling of this year, known as the STF (Sufficiency Travellers Fund). The fee will be paid back the same day the immigrant or Aupair arrives in UK by the British High Commission.

Is there such a Law? How does it work? How does mu daughter get her money back from the High Commission without forms being filled out?

Thank-you for your question. I am an immigration barrister with over 10 years experience in UK immigration law and I can categorically say that there is no such thing as the 'Sufficiency Travellers Fund'. I am very glad that you submitted this question because you were about to become a victim of a scam.


From the information that you have provided It sounds like your daughter has been issued with a Tier 5 visa under the Youth Mobility Scheme. In order to obtain this visa she would have had to satisfy the UK Border Agency that she will be able to maintain herself financially in the UK without recourse to public funds (i.e. state benefits). However, if she has the visa then she has already proved this. There is no additional requirement to pay any money to either the host family or the British High Commission and no such thing as the 'Sufficiency Travellers Fund'. It is a scam. Do not pay the money.


Unfortunately you are not the only person who has been asked to pay £2000. I have had a look online and it seems that others have almost become victims of this and similar scams as well. See for example:



I hope this answers your question. Please kindly click the green ACCEPT button so that I may be compensated for my time. Thank-you.

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