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Category: UK Immigration Law
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Dear Sir, I arrived in the UK on a student visa and then

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Dear Sir,

I arrived in the UK on a student visa and then stayed on after getting married here. I Knew my spouse before i came to the UK as a friend. Please note that to the home office i declared that I met her in the UK, as I thought that meeting is defined as physically meeting someone rather than over the internet. Although I am now a British citizen but if this fact that I knew her (on the internet) before arrriving in the UK is known, will i be any trouble? Please advise.



Can you confirm:-

1. the nature and length of your relationship prior to applying for a spouse visa

2. that you are now a UK citizen holding UK passport

3. whether there is any reason you think this fact will not be revealed



Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Dear Sir,


Prior to the spouse visa we were living together for about 6-7 months, and more than 3 months as husband and wife (we had received the certificate of approval of marriage from the home office).


I am a UK citizen now for the last 2 1/2 years and we are living as husband and wife for the last 5 years.


The fact that I knew my wife before coming to the UK on a student visa was not revealed to the home office as I thought it would be unnecessary. We were not in a relationship and had no intentions of getting married.



It would be both very unlikely and somewhat irregular for any action to be taken by the UKBA on this, even if they did find out. It's not worth disclosing it to the UKBA and I would take steps so that this information is not needlessly disseminated and passed on to third parties, but only as a precautionary measure.


In the highly unusual event that any action were taken, and I find this to be extremely unlikely, then you would have fairly good grounds to argue that it was an honest mistake and that you did not willfully deceive the UKBA in your application for spouses visa and naturalisation.

The material facts (ie. your marriage and periods of residence in order to be eligible for naturalisation are still the same and are not affected by this oversight.

You will be fine.


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Kind regards,



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