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Paul Richmond
Paul Richmond, Barrister
Category: UK Immigration Law
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Experience:  LL.B (Hons) (First Class), LL.M (Distinction), Immigration Barrister (12 years)
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i have a friend from thailand on indefinate leave to remain

Resolved Question:

i have a friend from thailand on indefinate leave to remain she has been married for 5 years but the marriage is on rocky ground the husband is keeping her by telling her she will be deported if she leaves him she is full time employed and loves life in the uk will she be deported if she leaves him and he informs the home office
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: UK Immigration Law
Expert:  Paul Richmond replied 7 years ago.

Thank-you for question. If your friend was still on a 2 year probationary spouse visa and had not yet obtained indefinite leave to remain as a spouse then she would be at risk of being removed from the UK. This is because if a marital relationship breaks down during the probationary period then the foreign national will no longer satisfy the requirements of the visa. However, you say that your friend has already been granted indefinite leave to remain. If this is correct then she is not at risk of being removed, even if her relationship breaks down. Once she has indefinite leave to remain she is entitled to stay in the UK even if she gets divorced from her husband.


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