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I have a disable child abroad, he needs to apply for an entry

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I have a disable child abroad, he needs to apply for an entry clearence visa to join me in the UK, however the fee for this visa is rather large (£644). Would you advise me if there is any rebate for his visa, or if I have to pay this fee eventhough he is severly disable?

Unfortunately there is no provision for getting a rebate. You could try and submit your application and argue that you are destitute and so cannot afford the fee however if you can demonstrate this then it is not likely that you will demonstrate that you meet the maintenance requirements for entry clearance.


Unfortunately there is not much that you can do about this - you are going to have to pay the fee. If you want to try and submit it without payment, then do but it is likely that the entry clearance post will reject your application as being invalid unless it is accompanied by the correct payment.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

ok, infact this child is 5 years old and he is my wife's child, I hold dual nationality (Colombian/British), my wife joined me in December 2009 on an spouse entry clearance visa, is it better for me to adopt her child so that he becomes a British subject too and don't have restrictions or just bring him and adopt him here or just bring him as her child. Please advice me on my best obtion to bring him soon as he seems to be very stress up by his mother's absence. Thank you.

Under UK law, if you are going to adopt him, he needs to be in the UK for you to do this. You will therefore need to bring him here first.


If you are thinking of adopting outside the UK, we only recognise as legal, adoptions taking place in certain countries. Even if a Columbian adoption were to be recognised under our law to make him a British citizen, the adoption process could take a long time.


The quickest way to get him in may well be to bring him over as a foreign national and pay the visa fee though it is a good idea to seek the assistance of a solicitor in preparing the application as they can ensure that the applications satisfies all the requirements before it is submitted which will reduce the chance of it being refused and going to appeal. The appeals process can take 6 months so it is worth taking steps to avoid this if possible.


Depending on your income, you may be eligible for legal help which means you could get your advice for free.


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