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Amanji, Immigration Solicitor
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I am a UK resident and have a nigerian boyfriend i would like

Resolved Question:

I am a UK resident and have a nigerian boyfriend i would like him to come here to as it is hard for me to travel to him as i am disabled .what do we need to do to allow him to come .does he need a visa ? someone told him i need to send an invitation to him is this correct ?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: UK Immigration Law
Expert:  Amanji replied 7 years ago.

Good afternoon


Need more info.


Do you intend to marry each other in UK? Are you engaged? Do you have any children together? How long does he want to come here for?


Kind regards



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Answers to your questions yes we would like to get married if possible in uk as due to my disability it is hard to fly i require 24 hr oxygen.i still live full life but am a little restricted as to travel.we do not have any children together but i do have two children at home .i am a widow my children are both still at school .We are engaged and have been for just over 10 months now . My fiancee would like to come here for good but am not sure if that is possible straight away .i do own my own house and he would not need to claim any state benifits but would like to work .he does have a degree in buisness management gained at university in nigeria .
Expert:  Amanji replied 7 years ago.
Thanks for reply.

You may wish to try the fiance route if you are already engaged. As sponsor you would need to provide a sponsorship declaration/letter which undertakes to maintain and accomodate your fiance.


Fiance visas falls within the category of settlement visas (just like spouse visas). If granted, they have 6mth expiry within which your fiance would have to travel to UK and have civil marriage with you and then apply for leave to remain in UK as your spouse.

Your fiance must demonstrate a number of things in his visa application such as: you are both at least 21yrs old; have an intention to live together as man and wife (provide property assessment report to show fiance can be accomodated without overcrowding at your residence); you have physically met each other; you are both free to marry (provide decree absolutes if applicable); and you have made enquiries as to wedding arrangements eg leaflets from Register Office and venue quotations for the reception.

You would be sponsor in your fiance's visa application. I would reiterate that you would need to undertake to maintain and accomodate your fiance. You would need to provide various supporting documents such as sponsorship declaration; 3mths bank/savings statements; office copies/latest annual mortgage statement; and property assessment report.

The fact that you may or not claim public funds because of your disbaled status should not be an issue. However, your fiance must be maintained and accomodated without recourse to 'additional' public funds. If your income is at least £650.00 per month after mortgage then you should be okay. It should be apparent that the funds are available. However, it helps to have a healthy bank balance and savings to satisfy the requirement. If you are living within an agreed overdraft, it would probably cause difficultly. If your fiance has his own funds available to him, he should provide proof with the visa application. A combination of funds for you and him is acceptable.

Please note that you fiance will not be able to work on fiance visa. Once he has leave to remain as spouse then there is no restriction on him working in UK.

Hope that helps. Kind regards


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