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Amanji, Immigration Solicitor
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my girlfriend is about to come over from australia, she has

Customer Question

my girlfriend is about to come over from australia, she has just been approved a student visa, but her course doesnt start till 2 feb so she cannot enter uk o her student visa till 2 jan.
can she come in on a tourist visa now, she can show she can support herself and book a onward flight to europe for a holiday?
she has already been in london for 12 months, before she returned to australia to apply for her student visa, she was on a 2 year working holiday visa. that visa still has 9 months to run on it. she thought that visa would be cancelled but there is no stamp or cross through it saying its cancelled.
so can she come in on her working visa, is that still valid
or can she come in on a tourist visa and leave london around the start of jan and come back to london to activate her student visa?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: UK Immigration Law
Expert:  Amanji replied 7 years ago.

Good morning


Australian nationals do not require prior entry clearence purely for visiting the UK. The length of stay would be decided by immigration official at the UK airport that she flies into. She would just need to explain her reasons for coming eg 'spending Xmas with my boyfriend'. She may be granted up to 6mths leave as genral visitor but she could not work here uring that time.


I would agree that she should go to the Continent before visit expiry and return on 2 Jan 2010 (if that the guidance that British High Commission has given her for student visa).


I do not think that non-expiry of working holiday maker visa or future start of student visa would be a barrier for her proposed general visit ('tourist visa' as you say).


Hope that helps. Kind regards




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