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I have a UK Fiesta ST-2 1.6 EcoBoost From new it came

Customer Question

I have a UK Fiesta ST-2 1.6 EcoBoost
From new it came without Cruise Control
I have fitted the Cruise buttons, steering wheel wiring and trim from an ST-3 (All the extra pins were present in the original vehicle multiplug)
Where do I go from here with regards ***** ***** BCM and dash to enable the cruise control buttons? My local ford garage says they have never carried out anything like this.
Thanks in advance,
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: UK Ford
Expert:  Gallagher99 replied 1 year ago.

Hi there Dean good evening to you

Mik likewise this isn't something I have carried out in my dealership as most optional extras like Bluetooth are factory fitted extras only and cannot be fitted/programmed in the dealership I have seen customers fit looms components etc and with still no joy

In regards ***** ***** concern I would advise updating the central car configuration in the BCMii and then no coms programme the PCM

but I suspect the AS built data in the PCM will be for no cruise control (even though the wiring pins are there (this is because they will build one loom ) for cost saving purposes

If the AS-built data is for this as I suspect I don't think you'll be able to no coms the PCM correctly

I can certainly look deeper into this issue for you dean if you wish

Can you give me the registration number to look further into this for you and get back to you as I suspect this won't be a straight forward case of updating the information in the BCMii but I will check further tomorrow

Kind regards ***** ***** Dean and have a nice evening


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks for your quick reply!Reg - CV63 OBGI do work in IT, but not too up on the programming side of Ford HardwareI have seen a ASBUILT.XML , and opening it in something like Notepad there is a line , set to 10101 (No Cruise) I'd imagine if this was set to 10201 it would enable Cruse in the BCM if uploaded? So editing the original ASBUILT, and then enable cruise on the instrument cluster??