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Ford transit: ford transit 05 lwb350, engine intermittently

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ford transit 05 possibly mk6 , engine intermittently cutting out usually at low revs and when warm sometimes when travelling on the motorway at high speeds, no warning lights have been on until now. engine cut out as usual i tinckered with the fuel filter and housing and it started for all but 20 seconds then all the red lights came on battery, oil and spanner and now will not restart,




after two hours finally restarted and drives like a dream red spannerlight still on though but no starting or performance issues.

the flywheel and sensor have been replaced along with the injectors and clutch about 18 months ago which seemed to cure the problem but recently the problem has started again, everytime a mechanic is called by the time they arrive the problem has gone and we cannot diagnose the problem

Hello and Welcome to justanswer...

Please give me the Full reg number of your van..or full VIN if not a UK reg..Irish etc..

Please also give me its mileage -

Too.. I note the items you have replaced but can you confirm just when these were done... and lastly, have you had any plug in tests done of late relating too / for this latest issue..?

Please also tell me what if anything you have done since asking your question...

Please type your reply and when I receive it, I will get back to you asap thereafter..

Kind Rgds, MIKE.................................................

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

hi since posting this message i have replaced the fuel filter and after doing this the van wont start again ! the reg is DU05KJN i also have the vin number if you wish.

there have been no diagnostics recently but previously no codes were showing, i have tried reseting the red spanner by pressing the brake and clutch and turning the ignition on but this either hasnt worked or i did it wrong

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
mileage is 261,000 and the engine runs smoothly when going considering its mileage i also discovered its a 2.4 not 2.5
Hello again, Thank you for your reply / info..

Ok I have your van from its reg so thats fine... 350 LWB in Green, 6 speed. 2.4cc (2402 cc )

WIth the problem you have - first, the light you have on, the service light - to reset that.. you switch the Ign to pos II.
THEN, press at the same time, the brake and accelerator pedals- keep pressed until the light flashes ( around 15 secs) , when it flashes - release pedals - switch key off... the serv ind system is then re set. That is just the serv reset light though... if the eng management sees a fault.. the fault light comes on - then you would have fault codes to go on..

Given the `odd issues you have - ie, as you mention... `All the red lights come on, battery, oil and spanner - so long as these have not just come on because the engine has stopped, then that along with the cutting out issues..and at the same time, what happened when you were `tinkering with the fuel filter and it stopped, would all indicate a wiring / connection issue / fault - problem.

Such an issue is not unknown espeically on a high miler - but finding it can be several different things.

Given it happened when you were tinkering around the fuel filter area I would start your search there- check all the wiring to all the components - sensors etc - I`m sure you will find it that way...

IF you have trouble we can discuss it more- but from what you have described, that certainly seems to be the case with your van - as opposed to any particular sensor etc being faulty. These can suffer with faulty fuel filter bodies / units - where the filter fits on - but again, unless it is that all those lights come on `because ` its stopped as above, that / fuel filter body fault wont be the issue. If however it is that the lights just come on because the engine has stopped- the fuel filter body is a high suspect and should be replaced - other than more diagnostics on the fuel system specifically..

So work through as above on this one now - By all means let me know how you get on or if you need anything more..

Meantime, please do click one of the OK smiley faces for me... Thank you. While the question will close, you can if you wish / need , come back to me as you have above... clicking one of the OK smilies does not close you out..

Best Rgds- MIKE.

Mike and other UK Ford Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
this morning the van would not start where usually it would, i took the filter off and it was empty so i filled it up with recently bought diesel put it all back and she fired up she ticked over for at least 15 minutes inc random reving we turned her off several times and restarted her no problem. we drove away and travelled around half a mile before she cut out again the red lights were off and suspect they were only on due to the van stopping with exception to the red spanner which is still illuminated, fuel was in the filter and the little chamber with the red and green bits in it, i cracked all four injectors and cranked the engine all four injectors were receiving fuel but will still not fire, weve recently been to halfords autocentre who dont have diagnostics for it and also a bosch diesel specialist who again cannot help due to it being an electronic injection system or something !
Hi again,

In that case I suspect that as I mentioned, the fualt is with the fuel system per se.. And the lights are because it stopped.

If this happened because of a filter change I would say its that , bad filter bad seals etc ...but if it was there before you did the filter change, then and especially as you have the erratic fuel /no fuel when checked, it's very very likley the fuel filter body unit at fault... As mentioned earlier.

Again, you could have a diagnostic done but at this stage it's debateble whether it would get you anywhere.. I would suggest so long as you have no fuel leak / air ingress issues into the lines, renew the fuel filter body...and all being well, that will cure this for you...

IF you were to still have troubles after that, then you will have to have the diagnostics done as you could have main pump issues...but at this stage,and given your description of the symptoms, the renewal of the fuel filter body unit is the cheapest and most likely option for you to get this sorted. You have to make progress with it ..that then is the best way forward as mentioned.. A common fault as mentioned...

As regards XXXXX XXXXX should you need it doing, the likes of Halfords are no good no.. But most small garages have the equipment to deal with these ..

Get back to me by all means if you need anything more.. Meantime, please don't forget the OK smiley for me... Thank you again,

Best rgds, MIKE.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
do you know which fuel filter housing i will need model number etc as the ones ive viewed seem different to what i have
Hi again..

Im afraid I dont have that info to hand as my system is not working and hasnt been for the last few days..

To save you time, the best , quickest way forward for you is to call your local Ford parts dept - make sure you have the vans details with you -and they can look up / sort the exact part for you- and give you the correct price all at the same time for you....

There are different ones so thats the best move now on this one -

Best Rgds, MIKE