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Ford fiesta: Fiesta auto 2003 wont start, rac took it to garage

Customer Question

Fiesta auto 2003 won't start, rac took it to garage next day, when it got there it started but they put it on there computer and said it needed a new battery. Two days later won't start again, put the car in neutral but shows up just a dash , put into reverse then neutral and it shows up neutral but still won't start(turn key nothing happens)
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: UK Ford
Expert:  Gallagher99 replied 5 years ago.
Hi there good evening to you

. Ok The fault will most probable and commin fault we see lies with the electronic gearshift selector assembly fault
Located on the side of the gearbox . the only way to correctly diagnose these faults with the durashift system is through Fords IDS laptop as a fault code check /gearshift tests are imperative -

What normally happens is the gearshift actuator loses its position
And thinks it is stuck in 4th gear this not allowing you to crank/start the engine
This is why your dash display doesn't show N Or R correctly

this diagnostic software on fords ids lsptop allows the technician to monitor all the relavent signals from the transmission control module ,
I have personally fixed between 5-10 durashift faults like yours
the first check that MUST be done is to inspect the wiring Very closely
between the TCM ( Transmi ssion Control Module ) and the electronic gearshift actuators
The wiring must have all its insulation/ tape/ covex tubing removed and be inspected visually from theTCM to the gearshift actuators for ANY signs of chaffing or more commonly corrosion ( blue/green on the wiring )
and also check all connections/multiplugs for damage/corrosion

If all the wiring is Ok the fault will lie with the gearshift Actautor
i hve changed aroung 6-7 of these actuators for the same fault
i have seen the wiring be corroded a few times as well ( when the wiring is stripped back give the wires a light pull ) if corrosion is present the wire will break easily
The gearshift Actutors can ONLY be programmed through Fords IDS
The fault wont lie with the ECU/PCM or the TCM
i have never heard or seen one of these being changed for this issue
would be worth stripping the wiring back yourself and checking for any broken/ corroded or damaged wires as the fault is intermitent i would sway more for the wiring on this one
this could also save you paying to get it fixed
if ALL the wiring is OK ( no damage/corrsion ) Then
i would advise you book your vehicle into your nearest ford dealer ASAP to have this fault checked , as indepent garages DONT have the software required to diagnose this issue correctly and could end up diagnosng the fault wrongly and costing you a lot of money
The gearshift actutors are aroun £ 250 -£300 from what i can remember

if you need any more advice on this issue please let me know
if you are completley satisfied with my answer PLEASE CLICK ACCEPT
kind regards XXXXX XXXXX a nice evening

Gallagher99 and other UK Ford Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Not looked at wiring yet but the car starts in the mornings and runs all day.
Leave it for a couple of hours in the evening and it won't start until the morning?
Expert:  Gallagher99 replied 5 years ago.
Hi there ,

Ok the fault will be to do with the actuators
A diagnostic fault code check would give more clarity on this issue as it is intermitent
A fault code check gives an indication to which or what part of the system the issue lies
Most commonly on the ASM durashift the fault code relates to gear selection issues
The tcm thinks the vehicle is on 4th gear this not allowing the vehicle to start
The vehicle will ONLY start if the tcm sees neutral

Regards Brian